But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


40. Everything is turning out Alright <3

Ashley's P.O.V


We got to Nathan's house i was still crying in his chest while holding Alexander ''Its okay Ash where here'' said Nathan opening the door ''Nathan i just can't i can't''  i said while handing him Alexander ''Ash its gonna be okay don't worry about it'' he said while closing the door ''No its not Nathan if Niall see those pictures hes gonna kill me you never know what's he capable of doing!'' i yelled at him while sitting next to him.

''Ash-'' I cut him off ''No! don't even start with the 'Don't worry everything is gonna be alright hes not gonna see them because he will!'' i yelled again. Nathan was gonna talk but he was interrupted by the front door opening it was Siva,Jessica and Amber.

''Omg Ash are you okay!'' yelled Jessica running over to me and hugging me i just shook me head and hugged her tighter. ''Is Alexander okay'' asked Amber going over to Nathan and sitting next to him ''Yeah hes alright he stopped crying when we got home'' said Nathan handing Alexander to Amber.

Jessica's phone started ringing we pulled away from the hug and she took out her phone from her pocket and when she looked at the I.D caller she didn't seem happy ''Hello'' she answered the phone ''Where is she is she with you!'' yelled the person she was talking to i knew from his voice it was Niall ''Yes Niall shes with me okay okay don't yell here talk to her'' she said and handed me the phone.

''Hello'' i said threw the phone ''Ashley babe ! are you okay i saw the photos i'm not mad i just need to know how's Alexander! tell me Alexander is okay because i'm freaking out over here!'' half yelled Niall ''Hes okay Niall hes here with me'' i said ''Ashley i want you home please i want you and Alexander home i don't want nothing to happen to you and him because if somethings happen i don't know what i would do anymore''He said you could hear his voice was cracking a little.

''Okay ill go home i just wish you where here'' i said as a tear rolled down my cheek ''me too babe but you know i can't just quit on my fans that fast i don't want to let them down and i don't want to let my family down too'' i small smile grew on my face ''I miss you i'm going home ill call you tonight love you'' ''love you too babe take care and give Alexander a kiss for me bye'' Niall said and hanged up.

I was happy that Niall wasn't mad with me about hanging out with Nathan. I handed the phone back to Jessica ''Everything okay with you too cause i saw you smile when he was telling you something'' asked Jessica ''Yes hes not mad about me hanging out with Nathan and hes not mad about the pictures he was just worried about me and Alexander'' i said looking over at Nathan who had a huge smile on his face.

''I love how you and Niall get along now ya'll don't fight anymore'' said Jessica letting out a little laugh and walking over to Siva who was still standing at the door. ''Well Niall's want's me home with Alexander so i guess we have to go home girls'' i said sounding happy Amber and Jessica groaned ''Sorry but i have to listen to my bf'' i said letting out a little laugh.

''Alright lets go Jessica'' Said Amber getting up from the couch and handing me Alexander ''Mmh just a minute mmmh'' said Jessica we turned around to see her making out with Siva ''Jessica when you say yo give you a minute its usually like an hour!'' said Amber walking over to Siva and Jessica she was about to separate them apart until Nathan said her name.

''Amber'' Nathan said she turned around with a huge smile on her face ''Yes Nathan'' she said walking over to him ''Would you like to go out for some coffee as friends on Saturday ?'' ''I WOULD LOVE TO!'' she yelled and pulled him into an-expected hug .

''Okay girls lets go!'' i half yelled and they all said there goodbyes ''Ill miss you baby don't forget me ill miss you all the walk home'' said Jessica kissing Siva one more time ''No baby ill miss you more'' said Siva kissing her back ''OKAY OKAY we get it ya'll are gonna miss each other now lets go!'' i yelled this time they both gave each other one more kiss and Jessica skipped to the door.

I was walking to the door when someone grabbed me by the waist ''Aren't i gonna get a goodbye hug?'' I knew it was Nathan i turned around ''Of course you are'' i said putting my free arm around his neck and pulling him into a hug ''Ill see you soon love'' he said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. ''Yeah see you soon Nathan'' i said and walked out the door...........



HEYYYY loves comment please c: i hope ya'll liked it..... Anyways did anyone see the boys yesterday at the awards D; OMG the babe's were so tired and when Liam's voice cracked  it broke my heart ! And they where saying that Niall,Liam and Lois left early :/ and they were saying that Niall got jealous of seeing Nick and Demi sitting together :( poor Nialler </3


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