But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


19. Dinner

Ashley's P.O.V


I woke up wrapped around Niall's arms i got out of his grip and checked the time in my phone it was 5:46 i forgot Teresa was coming over. ''Babe get up get dressed remember we have dinner with your friend'' i said shaking Niall ''Babe just 5 more minutes'' ''Forget your damn 5 minutes Niall go take a shower and get dressed'' i said and he smiled ''Ugh fine'' he said getting up and walking to the bathroom.

When Niall was done taking a shower i took one very quick. I wore a blue tight dress and some cute black high heels and i curled my hair  and applied a couple of make up. ''Wow love, you look hot'' ''Thanks Babe'' Niall was wearing Black skinny jeans with a white tee shirt and his White high top Nikes. ''Go dress up Alexander and ill make dinner'' ''Aright'' he said and left the room.

I went downstairs and started preparing the dinner after a few minutes past Niall came down with Alexander in his arms . Niall and Alexander were matching they were wearing the same things ''I see the 2 guys i love the most are matching'' i said while walking over to them ''Of course'' Niall said handing me over Alexander ''Niall go put plates on the table cause your fri-'' i was cut off by the door bell ringing ''Shes here'' i said happy.

Niall ran into the kitchen when he herd the door bell he didn't seem too happy i wonder why? I walked over to the door and opened it there stood Teresa with a red short dress ''Come in'' i said moving to the side ''Well thank you'' she said and walked in.

''I'm very happ-'' she cut me off by Niall entering the room ''NIALL!'' she yelled like a little girl and ran and jumped in his arms. I got so jealous at that point ''Dinners ready i think we should all get to eating'' i kinda yelled Niall let go of Teresa and looked at me i gave him an ugly look and walked to the kitchen with Alexander in my amrs.


Teresa's P.O.V

I'm so getting Niall tonight or i could just make his little gf jealous ..... Pay back time for leaving me Niall.


Niall's P.O.V


''What the fuck was that for Teresa!'' i half yelled at her ''Well Baby i just wanted to be in your arms'' she said laughing ''Ugh you make me sick just stay away from me'' i said and walked over to the diner '' If you don't Kiss me ill tell her about our child and yes Niall you left me pregnant when you left to the x-factor i never told you because i know you wouldn't come back!'' when those words came out of her mouth i froze i couldn't move i had a child?!.

I was about to speak but Ashley came in with the food ''Foods ready'' Ashley said while putting the food down and putting Alexander in his chair. ''Niall you won't mind helping me get drinks'' '' yeah sure'' i knew she wasn't happy.


Ashley's P.O.V


I told Niall to help me with the drinks but i was really gonna talk to him ''Teresa you can take a seat ill be right back with drinks''  said fake smiling at her and left to the kitchen, Niall followed behind. ''Niall why was she so happy to see you its like your hiding something from me'' i said crossing my arms i wasn't really happy about inviting her now. ''Babe can we talk about this later '' ''Whatever Niall'' i said and left. I went back to the diner place and saw that Teresa was playing with Alexander ''Were back'' i said clapping my arms together.

''Oh good Niall come sit next to me'' said Teresa moving a chair next to hers ''Oh no i'm good i'm gonna sit with Ashley'' ''No no he would love to sit next to you'' i said pushing him towards the chair he looked back at me with a angry face. I sat the end of the table with Alexander we all started eating, i kept starting at Teresa and Niall who kept laughing ''What's so funny i want to know too'' i said trying to sound happy.

''Oh its that Niall keeps saying jokes and it reminds me the times we spent together'' She said and grabbed Niall's hand and kissed it ''Hahah how nice'' i said pretending to laugh Niall looked over at me and i could tell he knew i was mad. That bitch i feel like grabbing a freakin knife and throwing it at her.


Niall's P.O.V


Teresa kept playing with my hand i wish she stopped but if i pulled away she would tell Ashley everything. I looked over at Ashley she was looking at Teresa, Ashley's face was red she was angry she was even stabbing her food with the fork. ''Niall i remember when you gave me that kiss'' said Teresa getting closer to me ''Oh yeah'' i had to go along with it FUCK! ''I think it's better if you leave Teresa i have to have a chat with someone'' Said Ashley looking over at me ''Aww why i barley got here and i think Niall's wants me to stay'' Said Teresa hugging me now. Ugh its going to be a long night.


Teresa P.O.V

I lied about having a child with him i just needed to make something up so he would stay!.


Ashley's P.O.V


Ugh i wanted her to leave already and freakin Niall is over here letting her touch him when iam his not hers. ''So umm.. Teresa why you touching my guy'' i said letting out a pretend laugh ''Hes your's last time i check he never broke up with me!'' she snapped back my mouth dropped open WHAT? Niall had a girl OMG i don't understand him ''Teresa we freakin broke up a long time ago!'' Niall said standing up and walking over to me ''I'm so confused right now i'm tired of drama Niall you told me she was a friend not your ex-girlfriend'' i said covering my face with my hands.

''Ashley....'' That was the only thing Niall could say was my name ''Let's go get you to bed Alexander'' i said picking Alex up ''Oh and Teresa don't let the door hit you on the way out'' i said and smiled at her. Niall was trying so hard not to laugh ''UGH FUCK YA'LL I WILL GET YOU NIALL JAMES HORAN!'' Teresa yelled and left.

''And for you Niall you can sleep in the couch thank you love you'' i said giving him an ugly look ''Oh come on i'm sorry'' ''TOO LATE'' i yelled and walked upstairs.



Hey Guys i didn't know what too do for this chapter i didn't really like it :/ but i had to publish a chapter for ya'll and can ya'll give ideas for the next chapter ????

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