But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


34. Concert Pt.2

 A/N : ;D my dad isn't home soo.. here's an update XD !<3


Ashley's P.O.V


We where inside the America Airlines (Where the concert is duhh cx) and we sat down in are seats we were waiting for The Wanted to come out and perform or whatever. Stacy was giggling about something on her phone Jessica was trying to calm Amber down because how i told her i dumped into Nathan Skyes and yeah...

Soon the boys came out and performed all the girls screamed and cried some tried to get on stage like crazy freaks and some well they threw there bra's at them... Soon the Concert was over and it was time to meet the boys i gosh i hope Nathan doesn't recognize me, Oh who i'm i kidding of course hes gonna know who i am.

Me and the girls were the last ones for the meet and greet. ''OMG its are turn!'' yelled Amber ''Hahah yeah..'' i said looking around the room. Some security came in the room and told us it was are turn to meet the boys Amber pushed them a-side and of course ran to Nathan and hugged him.

Jessica ran to Siva's arms and well Stacy just walked to them and gave them a nice hug not like Amber's and Jessica's. ''Omg Nathan i freakin love you!'' i herd Amber tell Nathan, i walked over to them and introduced myself ''Hi i'm Ashley and theres are my weird crazy friends''.

They all introduced each other but the one i didn't like was Max he kept giving me weird looks. ''Hey aren't you that beautiful girl i dumped into today'' said Nathan getting out of Amber's hug and walking over to me.

''Haha yeah... Hai! Nathan'' i said giving him a hug ''Hey Nathan that's the girl you kept talking about all day?'' said Max giving him a smirk. Nathan Skyes has been talking about me all day? OH CRAP!. ''She has a Bf and a son you can't like her!'' Amber blurted out ''Its true'' i herd Stacy mumble. We all stayed silent for a while until i decided that we should leave.

''Well i guys we should leave it was nice meeting ya'll'' i said giving them one last hug but Nathan wouldn't let me go until Amber pushed me out of the way and i fell to the ground. i got up and walked over to Jessica who was still hugging Siva since we got here ''Umm Jessica its time we leave they have another concert tomorrow somewhere else'' i said trying to separate them but i couldn't.

''Give us 5 more minutes'' said Jessica looking into Siva's eyes, i rolled my eyes and looked at the other girls Amber was still hugging Nathan, Stacy was still on her phone. I felt to pairs of eyes on me i turned around and saw that Max was starting at me, hes giving me the creeps now. ''OKAY WE ARE LEAVING NOW!'' i yelled and grabbed Amber's and Jessica's hand i didn't need to grab Stacy cause she was already following me to the exit.

''Wait Ashley hold up!'' i herd someone say i turned around not letting go of there hands, It was Nathan who called me he ran over to me and gave me a little piece of paper ''Here its has my number in it so you can call me someday'' he said and gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked away. ''Thanks and i will'' i said.


Amber's P.O.V

To be honest i'm jealous that Nathan gave his number to Ashley but i'm gonna have to steal that  number away from her.....................





What is Amber up to?

Who was Stacy texting?

Will Niall be mad?

Does Nathan like Ashley?

Is Stacy and Niall hiding something?


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