But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


32. Concert Pt.1

Ashley's P.O.V


I went upstairs to get ready for the concert, I took a quick hot shower when i was done, i wrapped the towel around my body and went into Niall's room. When i entered Niall was there laying down watching Tv, he looked at me from head to toe ''I like what i'm seeing'' he said i looked over at him and gave him a death glare.

''Where's Alex?'' ''Sleeping'' he said without looking at me ''Oh'' was the only thing i said before looking for some clothes. I decided to wear a cute shirt that said ''The Wanted<3'` and some jean shorts and my black converse, I decided to curl my hair i was almost done but Niall came in and turned off the wand ''Niall why did you do that i need to finish curlying my hair!'' ''You know you can stay and we could cuddle all night'' he said and wrapped his arms around me.

''How about you go and do that with Stacy? huh? you been spending a lot of time with her then me and Alex'' i snapped at him ''I would do it with her but shes going to the concert'' he said smirking, tears were forming in my eyes did he really just say that? ''I have to go'' i said grabbing my purse and whipping the tears away.

''Ashley i didn't really mean it'' he said getting in-front of me ''Niall move please i don't have time for this'' i said pushing him a-side ''Ugh ohhh Ashley'' i herd him mumble. i went down stairs and all the girls where there waiting for me ''What took you so long girl'' said Amber walking over to me and yanking my arm ''Sorry i wa-'' i was interrupted by Niall coming down stairs with Alexander in his hands.

''Look Alex mommy is not even gonna say bye to us'' Niall said to Alex, Amber let go of my hand and i walk over to Niall and Alex and gave Alex a kiss on the forehead and walked to the door. ''I don't get a goodbye kiss o the lips?'' i herd Niall say ''No you don't'' i said and grabbed the keys and walked out the door.

Me and the girls got in Niall's Range Rover and drove off to the concert. The whole car ride was kinda silent Stacy was talking to Jessica about how Niall took her somewhere and how she enjoyed it and that minute i knew i was so jealous. ''Okay we are here Girls!'' i yelled and parked the car.

We all got out and they started screaming like 4 year old's ''Okay okay be quite ugh'' i said and started walking to the entrance ''Wow al-least enjoy yourself..'' said Stacy crossing her arms ''Look Stacy don't freakin start with me i'm already pissed that your trying to steal my bf!'' i yelled at her some people were starting at us but i didn't care i kept walking.

I kept walking i didn't care where i go i just didn't want to see Stacy. My hands were crossed and i kept looking at the floor until i dumped into someone i fell to the floor and hit my head. ''Ouch!'' i yelled and rubbed my head ''OMG i'm so so sorry love here let me help you'' said the person his voice was British like Louis,Liam's and the other's accepted Niall's cause Niall was Irish.

''Ouch my head is killing'' i said still rubbing my head ''Here let me help you'' he said again and helped me get up. When i looked up at him he was pretty cute i guess his eyes were grey or green. ''Here let me take you back to my bus and get you ice'' he said i just nodded and we started walking.

''so you a Wanted fan'' he asked me ''Nah not really my friends are like obsessed with them i think there alright'' i said to him he just smiled and nodded i GOSH THIS GUY IS CUTE! wait no i have a bf at home.. ''Oh i forgot to ask whats your name '' i said ''Nathan, Nathan Skyes'' when he said his name i froze i remember Amber saying that name and how she loved him wait hes from The Wanted...... ''Is something wrong love?'' he said ''Hahah no well i'm okay i have to go good bye haha bye bye'' i said to him and ran took look for the girls.

''Wait i never got your name!'' i herd Nathan yell ''My name is Ashley'' i yelled back. I stop running to take my breath when i saw the girls they ran over to me accepted Stacy of course. ''UGH ASH WHERE THE FUDGE WHERE YOU AND WHY IS THERE A LITTLE DUMPED IN YOUR HEAD!'' yelled Jessica at me. ''Don't yell at me and sorry i got mad and i dumped into Amber's bf NATHAN SKYES and he gave me the dump'' i yelled back at her.

Amber ran over to me and started shaking me ''OMG OMG OMG NATHAN SKYES AS IN NATHAN SKYES! AHH'' she said. ''Yes yes now stop shaking me'' i said to her. ''Okay lets go or we are gonna miss the concert and then the meet and greet later'' said Jessica grabbing me and Amber's hand.................................


****************************************************************************************************************Hey guys sorry i havn't updated :O ! this is Part 1 of the concert c: i hope ya'll like it!

Did Nathan Skyes fall in-love with Ashley?

Or will Nathan Fall in-love with Amber?

Will Stacy tell Niall?

Will Ashley fall for Nathan?


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