But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


5. Boy or a Girl ????????

Ashley's P.O.V


The whole car ride was silent me and my mom would just stare at each other but we wouldn't say nothing. When we arrived there we sighed papers and waited until they called my name ''Ashley Brook'' me and my mom got up and entered a small room i laid down on the bed they had there and waited for the doctor. The doctor walked in ''Hello ladies'' ''hello'' i said with a smile ''Okay so today we are gonna check if its a boy or girl you excited?'' he said while putting the jell on me '' yeah i hope its a girl'' i looked over at my mom she wasn't really happy that i was pregnant oh well. 

''If you can see here you can see the baby's head'' said the doctor pointing at the little screen ''what is it ? a boy or a girl?'' said my mom crossing her arms ''Its a BOY congratulations!'' said the doctor.

''Awwww i'm having a baby boy'' i said tearing up ''what are you gonna name him?'' asked my mom ''ummmmm i don't know yet'' i said laughing ''oh well lets go'' said my mom paying up and heading out the door what was her problem first shes nice and now shes mean?.

****Skip car ride****

I went upstairs and called Harry i knew he was gonna be happy to hear this. ''HARRRRRRYYYYY!'' i yelled with excitement ''WHAAAATTTT LOVE !'' he yelled back ''Guess what i'm having !'' ''Omg ummm a boy?'' he said ''YUPPPP'' i said i was happy that i was having a boy even tho i wanted a girl.

''OMG YESSS can't wait to tell the lads!'' he said he sounded more excited more than me ''Haha okay harry ill call you later'' ''haha okay'' he said but he forgot to hang up and i herd he was talking to somebody?. 

''What is she having?'' said the voice that was with harry ''oh shes having a baby boy ! isn't that awsome Niall shes having a boy !'' said harry. OMG he was talking to Niall why him my eyes started to tear up. ''I guess that's okay but harry just don't get involved with her we have to focus on our career'' said Niall dang why is he being like this ''Dang Nialler shes your gf don't treat her like trash!'' harry snapped back '' Ex gf harry EX GIRLFRIEND shes nothing to me no more'' Niall said to him! I started to cry i don't want this baby no more why me.

''ummm Niall...'' Harry said ''What hazza!'' ''i didn't hang up on Ash so i think she herd us'' Harry said in a low voice. ''Yup Harry i herd everything! every little word he said and by the way tell him hes not gonna see his child ! Bye harry take care'' i said threw the phone my voice was weak when i said that. ''Bye love take care'' and he hanged up. I feel worthless </3

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