But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


27. Are You Crazy, Niall will kill me !

Ashley's P.O.V


''Get her off of me'' yelled Julia, Stacy,Jessica and Amber came running towards us and Julia's friends did to ''Ash calm down get off of her'' said Stacy getting me off of Julia. I looked over at Julia who had bruises all over her face she was crying and all her friends were comforting her. ''What happened Ash tell us and you can get fired you know'' said Jessica.

''Niall butt dialed me and well i herd he was talking to Alexander my son and he was telling him how hes going on tour and that he needs another family'' i paused and had tears rolling down my cheeks ''And well i ran and i decided that i should go home and then i bumped into Julia and she said ''What where your going you idiot'' and well i said something to her and then she started talking about Niall and then that happened'' i said point at Julia who was sitting in the corner still crying.

All the girls were speechless and then Josh came in the room ''Oh my god what happened here! Julia love are you okay'' he said running over to her she just nodded and hugged him ''Josh i think i shouldn't join your little modeling club or whatever its called i'm going home '' i said standing up and walking away with the girls. i herd Josh scream my name a couple of time but i didn't turn around i kept walking. Me and the girls got in the van and drove off to the house.

*skip care ride* 

We where in my room the girls were helping me pack ''I can't believe you beat up Julia everyone is like scared of her'' said Stacy laughing ''Hey i'm strong'' i said pretending to show muscles. When we were done packing we all sat down on the floor.

''OMG GUYS! AHHH'' Amber got up and started jumping like an 6 year old ''what tell us Amber'' we all yelled at her ''Well ya'll know how Ashley is going to Dallas right? well i say we all go too BECAUSE THE WANTED IS GOING TO BE THERE IN 5 DAYS AHHHHH!'' she said jumping again.

''You like The wanted?'' i said giving her an ugly look ''Yes me Stacy and Jessica are huge fans'' she said pointing at them i looked over at them and they had huge smiles on there faces. ''Lets go to Dallas and see there concert Stacy buy the tickets! and Ashley your coming with us'' yelled Jessica. My mouth dropped open i can't go to there concert One Direction hates them badly a.k.a Niall who is part of 1D and who all so my bf.

''Are you crazy i ain't going Niall will kill me if i go!'' i said standing up and crossing my arms ''TOO LATE ASHLEY WE BOUGHT YOU A TICKET AND I GOT US FRONT ROW AND VIP PASSES!'' yelled Jessica and the other girls started jumping like idiots. I looked at her shocked OMG Niall is gonna kill me.......................................................................



HELLO LOVES :D Here's a little chapter don't worry i'm gonna update later too <3


Will Niall Find out about the concert?

Will Ashley go?

Will one of The Wanted guys all inlove with her?

What will happen if Niall finds out?

Will Alexander have another Family?


WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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