But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


22. Another Goodbye </3

Ashley's P.O.V


I went upstairs and started packing i'm doing this for a reason and its for my son i need to do something to earn money and i want to earn the money by myself. When i was done packing i left the suitcase upstairs and went downstairs to put Alexander in his crib, it was getting pretty late. 

Niall was was hunched over his hands were on his head he looked up at me his eyes were puffy red from all the crying i went on one of his sides and whispered in his ear ''Niall understand me please''.

''I can't believe you Ash just leave me alone i'm gonna lose you again like i did 9 months ago i can't lose you i just can't'' he said getting up and walking to my room his words brought back memories when he broke up with me. Before i knew it i had tears forming in my eyes i walked over to Alexander who was deep asleep in the couch. 

I picked him up and started rocking him in my arms ''I'm gonna miss you my little prince your beautiful blue eyes like your daddy's you and him are my everything'' i said while playing with his little fingers ''Then don't leave us'' i turned around i found Niall leaned against the wall.

''Niall please we talked about this'' ''Its official over then'' he said walking over to me and taking Alexander off my arms ''Can you take Alexander to the airport so i can say goodbye to him there'' i said looking up at him but he didn't answer.

I went up stairs to my room i walked in and i didn't see Niall so i was guessing he was putting Alexander to bed. I changed into my pj's and jumped into bed but i was waiting for Niall about 20 minutes he came to bed.

''What took you so long babe'' i said while he was walking over to the other side of the bed ''Just singing a song to Alex that's all'' ''You know i'm gonna miss you'' i said while scooting next to him ''We came making the Same Mistakes'' he said looking at me ''But i'm not making a mistake this time'' i grabbed his hand and looked up at his eyes ''This love only gets stronger but its like your pulling it away'' he said while letting go of my hand. 

''You don't get how special you are to me'' he said and turned his back to me. I fell to sleep with tears in my eyes.


*****MORNING :O *****


I woke up by someone grabbing my hand i opened my eyes and found Alex in my bed ''Morning my prince'' i said kissing his forehead I got out of bed and ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth when i was done i went done stairs were i found Niall having Breakfast ''Morning Niall take care of Alex for me i'm gonna go get changed my flight leaves in an hour '' i said but he ignored me again. 

I changed into some skinny jeans and a white tee-shirt and i put on the white Nikes Niall got me i didn't feel like fixing my hair fancy so i decided a messy bun would be fine. I got my 2 suitcases downstairs when i did i felt too pair of eyes starting at me i turned around and found Niall in tears ''You weren't kidding'' he said walking back into the kitchen ''Niall can you take me to the airport'' he just nodded and went and got His shoes and Alex's when he returned he was wearing his Nikes too. He picked up my 2 suitcase and his keys, i picked up Alexander who was done drinking his milk and we headed for the door. 


*****Skip the lame car ride to the airport :C *****


When we arrived the airport was filled with screaming fans how did they know i was gonna be here? ''Niall why are they here'' ''Because they don't want you to go either'' he said holding my hand i looked at him and yanked my arm away from his all he wanted  was to convince me and stay but that's not gonna happen . i got out of the car and grabbed my suitcases that were in the back. Niall got Alexander and we started walking inside the airport.

Fans went wild when they saw Niall but when i looked around i saw sighs that touched my heart  i read some  'Don't Leave Ashley' 'Alex needs you' 'Aiall <3' 'WE LOVE YOU' . I looked over at Niall who kept looking at the ground with Alex in his arms asleep . ''Flight 32 to New York will be attending now'' we herd threw the speakers i herd some awww's from the fans and some boo's i guess they didn't want me to leave.

I walked over to Niall who had tears in his eyes already i lifted up his chin and looked up at his blue eyes ''I'm gonna miss you babe don't worry we will video chat everyday ill text you call you whatever you like i promise and when i get there ill give you a call'' i said with tears in my eyes ''What about Alexander'' he said wrapping an arm around me ''Take him to My mom she's gonna be staying at her friend Sara's house''  ''Okay'' he said looking down again.

''Flight 32 to New York will be Leaving in 10 minutes'' said the speaker again ''I have to go'' i said and hugged Niall tight i pulled away and Kissed him it was kind of a make out seen you could here the fans saying awww's  and don't leave.

''I can't believe i'm letting my princess out of my castle'' i giggled and i kissed Alexander's Forehead ''I can't believe i'm letting go of my 2 kings'' i said while wiping the tears away i kissed Niall one more time and walked over to the plane i turned around to see Niall bursted  into tears it broke my heart but ever since i was little i wanted to be a model so here goes my new life. 


Niall's P.O.V


I saw her get into the plane it broke my heart i know i said it was official over but i just can't let her go again i just can't. Alexander is to little to understand what happening his mother is leaving to New York and i'm going on Tour in about 6 days this family is being destroyed into pieces what's gonna happen to Alexander hes not gonna see both of us. I yelled out Ashley's name but before i knew it the person in the speaker said ''Flight 32 to New York Takes off thank you'' I couldn't cry anymore nothing came out of me i only knew that i lost the person i love the most and i'm gonna lose my son to.........




I hope ya'll enjoyed it c:

What is Niall gonna do?

Will Ashley come back?

Is Alexander gonna even see his parents?

WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?????????????????????????????! :'O </3


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