But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


43. Aloha (Its a boring chapter sorry ;c)

Ashley's P.O.V


When we all arrived to the airport we all got are suitcases out of are cars ''Need help?'' i herd a voice from behind me while i was taking out my last suitcase out ''Yes please can you take Alexander out the car'' i said ''Yeah sure'' Said Nathan opening the car door and taking Alexander out. ''So you excited about going on Vacation?'' Nathan asked me ''Well yeah i just need to relax i guess too'' i said while we started walking with my suitcases inside the airport where all the other lads where.

When we where inside i sat down with the rest of the group ''You wish Niall was here don't you?'' whispered Jessica to me ''You don't even know'' i whispered back to her. ''Okay guys and girls are plane will be leaving any minutes now so lets go'' said my mom handing everyone there ticket. ''Here's Alexander'' said Nathan Handing me Alexander ''Thanks'' i said giving him a small smile.

We all got up with are bags in are hands and headed to the airplane....

*Lets skip the plane ride XD*

''WHERE HERE OMG! YAY!'' yelled Jessica grabbing her bags and running out the plane. i looked out the window of the plane all i saw were palm tress. We all got out the plane with our stuff ''ALOHA! Welcome to Hawaii you will be staying by a hotel near the ocean ! The Van will take you to the hotel well i hope you enjoy your stay i will see ya'll later'' said someone who i'm guessing was the instructor.

''YEEE this is going to be too fun!'' squealed Amber ''I guess..'' i said. We put all are bags in the  van and got on and drove off to are hotel...

*skip the Car ride too cx*

''Wow...'' i said getting out of the van and looking up at the hotel it was a 5 star hotel ''I know i know!'' yelled Jessica while hugging Siva ''This should be a fun Vacation Hot chicks and Party's'' said Max looking over at Tom who was nodding. ''Whatever'' i said. We all grabbed are bags (Nathan got my bags cause i had Alexander in my arms) and we walked into the hotel. We all walked into the front desk.

My Mother: Yes we will be staying here for about a month so much would it be?

The lady at the desk: That would be $600 

My mother: okay

Front Desk lady: Your room's are in floor 6

My mother pays the lady the money and she gives us  room keys.

My Mother: Okay each room has 3 beds so.... Tom,Max and Nathan ya'll are sharing a room Jessica,Siva and Amber ya'll are sharing another room Jay me and Ashley will be sharing the last room.

Max: There's gonna be a party tonight boys lets go!


Ashley: How do you know there's gonna be a party?

Max: I do my re-search haha anyways i gotta go to my room and get ready.

Ashley: Ughh whatever 

We all got in the elevator and went up to the 6th floor



This chpater is so boring i even got bored of writing it .____. i don't know were this story is going right now but i know whats gonna happen in a few chapters c; and trust me there's gonna be more and more drama c: OMG I SAW THE ONE DIRECTION MOVIE ITS SO NDNJDJSHSSWBWDS ;3 AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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