But You Promised ( Niall Story) <3

Falling in-love with you was a mistake you promised that we would always be together now that iam pregnant you leave me. You say you don't want a child that your career is more important then having a child </3... Now i don't have no one


9. Alexander Noah Horan <3

Ashley's P.O.V


I pulled away away and looked at him in the eyes ''I missed you so much'' i said and tears escaped my eyes ''I'm sorry what what i did''. ''Ashley sweetie who's at the door'' asked my mom CRAP! if she sees Niall shes gonna kill me ''Oh just Alexis mom'' '' Oh okay ill be in my room if you need me'' she said.

''Okay Niall lets go talk in my room'' i said and grabbed his hand and an up stairs with him. I opened the door to my room and we sat down in the bed. '' I'm sorry'' he said looking at me.

''Niall you hurt me so much you don't get it! you told me your carrier was more important than some stupid baby you got me pregnant and you left me and now that the baby is do in 5 more weeks you what to get back with me?!?!?! you are messed up!'' i yelled at him.

He laid down and grabbed my hand telling me to laid down with him, he wrapped his arms around me and started rubbing my belly ''I need you more then you think i know i messed up big time but without you my life is terrible'' he said and kissed the back of my head.

'' Will see what happens when the baby arrives'' i said getting out of his grip ''Are you gonna be there when the baby arrives?'' i said crossing my arms ''I don't know ill have to see if i'm not doing anything or there's no concerts ''. i'm really pissed off at him because a true dad would be there when there baby is arriving.

''Whatever i just hope harry's there'' i said fixing my hair ''What did you just say?!'' i looked over at him his eyes were dark his whole face was red OMG what did i say!. ''You know what ill make sure to tell harry that hes there! I WON'T BE THERE TO SEE THAT THING BE BORN ILL JUST TELL HARRY! I'M THE DAMN FATHER NOT HARRY!'' he yelled at me and left my room.

''No Niall i didn't mean it like that'' i said bursting into tears i herd the front door slam my mom came in and she was shocked ''What happened'' ''Mom i messed up bad Niall came and he wanted me back and i got mad at him because i told him if he was gonna be there when i give birth and he said he doesn't know and then i said well i hope harry's there then and he got mad and yelled at me'' i said i was out of breath. My mom hugged me ''Its gonna be okay don't worry.





Ashley's P.O.V


Today is the day when my baby should be born i'm so excited but scared cause it can be born any minute. My mom wasn't going to work today cause she had to take care of me and take me to the hospital if anything happens. 

''Any Minute or hour that baby can come out'' said my mom dancing around ''Wow mom you sound happier then me'' i said and we both started laughing.3 hours I was watching Tv when my water broke ''MOM ITS TIME'' i yelled i was panicking my mom ran down stairs and helped me into the car good thing the hospital wasn't that far away from my house. When we arrived 2 nurses came out running with a wheelchair they sat me down on it. 

''Mom call Niall tell him i'm going on labor'' those were the last words i said to my mom until we went to a hospital room.


Ashley's Mom P.O.V


I quickly got out my phone and dialed Niall's number ''Hello?'' he quickly answered thank gosh ''Hai Niall umm i just wanted to say that Ashley is on labor right now and she wants you to know if your gonna be here?'' i said i hope he says yes ''Mrs.Brook tell her i'm not gonna be there and tell her Harry can't be there either thanks bye'' he said and hanged up... Wow whats his problem rude kid.


Ashley's P.O.V


I felt like i was dying i just want to get this over with just then my mom came back she didn't look happy oh no. ''What did he say mom'' ''he said hes not coming and neither is Harry..'' Tears were escaping my eyes ugh why Niall.

''Mom call the nurse HURRY!'' i yelled looks like Alexander wants to come out now. The nurse came in running ''Okay just push''......................


*8 hours passed*


I finally gave Birth to a beautiful little baby boy he had Blue eyes like Niall and had brown hair like mine. May 27 2013 11:12 p.m (Get on a computer so you can see the picture)

                                   Alexander Noah Horan <3




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