A Whisper in the Wind

Macey is 17 years old and in high school. She is in every play, she is on the school morning news, she even does commercials for her small town. She loves acting, her dog, and her boyfriend Lane. She is such a good actor, that no one can read her. If she is sad, no one knows. She never lets anyone see her emotions, so of course everyone is shocked to learn that she ran away and left a note saying how unhappy she was with her life. She was extremely popular, but people knew her. She run to the well known city of Los Angeles, and tries to get into the acting business. She becomes an instant hit, and moves from being an extra, to having a few lines, and before she knows it, landing spots in movies and t.v. shows. Loving the spotlight, and the fame it seems nothing can stop her. Of course that is until someone from her old town recognizes her in a movie...


2. Chapter 1


"Macey! Come on, we have to get to drama now or we will be late!" My best friend Chelsea said to me as she tried to drag me away from my boyfriend's embrace.

   "We won't be late! I promise!" I told her, but he worried expression didn't leave her face. I turned back to Lane, "I will see you after class." I said and reached up to peck his lips. I slipped away and ran down the hall with Chelsea towards the theater. The theater was my favorite part of school, it's where I can put on any emotion, I can be who I want, someone completely different than the real me.

   We made our way down the steps toward the stage and took our seats in the front row; of course we were one of the first ones there. We weren't even close to being late but Chelsea was so terrified of being tardy, she never wanted to give up her straight A's and perfect attendance.

   Soon kids started pouring into the theater and began taking their seats, today we were getting our roles for the new play that we will be putting on.  It’s a mix of fairy tales, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and the Pea, and a few others. We all auditioned last week for different roles, normally I got parts that had quite a lot of lines, but mostly I get lead roles.

   The bell sounded and the kids standing up hurried to their seats before Mr. Karrer came in. “I can’t wait to see what part I got. My audition was one of the best ones I’ve done yet.” Chelsea said as she played with her hands in her lap. I rolled my eyes at her; she was the second best actress here, after me of course. It’s not that I’m cocky; I just knew that I was the best. Everyone told me so and if it wasn’t true I wouldn’t be getting all these big roles. Mr. Karrer walked over from the left wing and sat down on the edge of the stage as everyone sat there and stared in anticipation.

   “So, I have the casting list.” He said waving a clipboard in the air. “So I will set this down on the table and you all can calmly come over and in a single-file line look at it.” He cautiously got off the stage and walked over to the table in front of us, as soon as the clipboard touched the table students rushed up to the table pushing and shoving each other. Chelsea and I got up and just walked over there, we weren’t in any hurry to see it, we were pretty much certain of our parts.

   As we got closer to the table I could hear people talking, “Really? She got the lead again?” one person said. “She is such a show off, she can’t let one person have the spot light can she?” I heard another.  Soon people started leaving the table and made space for us. I looked over someone’s shoulder and scanned the list for my name. I smiled when I saw my name next to Cindy, the lead. I then looked for Chelsea; I found her name next to Jessica, one of the ugly step-sisters. She would have plenty of lines, and be on stage for more than half the play. I was curious to see who my understudy was, and of course it had to be Sarah Morris the girl who has always been second best to me. In elementary school I beat her in the school spelling bee and ever since then she has always competed with me at everything. She has yet to beat me at anything.

   “Okay guys, we will begin rehearsal in 15 minutes, I want everyone to get familiar with their lines. We will start on Part 2 Scene 4 where Cindy realizes that she has fallen in love with Prince Jake.” I grabbed my script from my bag and flip to the scene. I hadn’t even looked to see who Prince Jake was; I guess I would find out soon enough. I read over my lines, highlighting them all, Chelsea was in this scene. It was the family of both Prince Jake and Cindy; they were the only characters on stage.



   “Cindy, I’m glad you came to see me, I really needed to see you.” Mike, the guy who played Prince Jake said as he looked down at his lines. He was a pretty good actor, probably one of the best male actors at the school.

   “Jake, I really need to tell you something first.”

   “I know, but I need to get something off my chest before you say anything.”

   “Okay.” I paused and looked up at him.

   “Ever since the Ball I can’t keep you off my mind. No matter what I do you are on my mind.”  I smiled up at him, and he looked into my eyes. “I can’t shake this feeling that I get when I’m with you, you make me feel alive. Like I’m free and nothing can stop me.”

   I took a step closer to him, “I feel the same way when I’m with you.” I told him.

   He face broke into a smile, “Really?” He asked. I nod my head in response. He engulfs me in a hug, squeezing me until I couldn’t breathe.

   “You know, breathe is a key to living. I need oxygen.” I choked out. He pulled back and smiled down at me, “I’m sorry.” He mumbled.

   “Don’t be, I’m fine.” He smiled even bigger and leaned down to me.

   He looked down at my lips and back up to my eyes, “Is this okay?” He asks. I nod my head and he chuckles, he leaned his head down more, his lips barley brushed mine. Right then the bell sounded, startling us. I fell back a little bit but he grabbed my waist. “They need to not have a speaker right over our heads.” I complained.

   I squeezed out of Mike’s grasp and walked down the stairs to my seat. “Okay everyone! Make sure you read over your lines tonight! Practice makes perfect!” Mr. Karrer yelled to us as students start leaving.

   “You were great up there Mace!” Chelsea told me as I walked over to our seats.

   “Thanks, sorry we couldn’t get to your part yet.” I said as I grab my things and shove them into my bag.

   “Well if we got to my part you would have had to done the kiss with Mike.” Chelsea pointed out as we walked up the aisle to the doors.

   “Yeah, and we all know someone would tell Lane and he would not be happy about it.”

   “Yeah, he and Mike are not the closest of friends.” Chelsea giggled. I rolled my eyes, they were on the basketball team last year and they were always competing to be the star. Lane was better than Mike and everyone knew it, there was no chance. But Lane stopped playing this year and so Mike is now the star.

   We walked out into the hallway and headed to our lockers so we could put our things away. “But Lane shouldn’t find out. You won’t tell him right?” I asked her as I opened my locker.

   “Won’t tell who what?” I heard a voice from behind me ask. I turned around and smiled.

   “Tell my dad that I’m sneaking you in my house tonight.” I said to Lane with a smirk.

   “Oh are you now?” He asked as he wrapped his arm around my waist. I turned back around and put all of my things that I didn’t need in my locker.  “Yup” I said as I closed the door.

   “I gotta go to swim practice but I will text you later Mace.” Chelsea said.

   “Okay, bye!” I called to her as she walked away from us and towards the school’s pool.

  Lane pushed some hair out of my face and smiled at me, “So how was drama? Did you find out what part you got?”

   “Yeah, I got Cindy. Chelsea was so excited she got the part of one of the ugly step-sisters.” I told him as we walked out the front doors towards his car.

   “That’s nice. I’m sure she’s happy that she’s not just some extra that doesn’t have any lines.”

   “Yeah, the last play she was so mad she was an understudy. It’s so degrading.”

   “Cause you know what that’s like?” He nudged me with his shoulder. I laughed and pushed him.

   “No, but I can guess. I would hate to be an understudy.” We reached his car and I walked over to the passenger door and got in. Once he got in the driver’s seat he turned to me.

   “You will never have to be an understudy, you are too talented.” He told me with a smile. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

   “Just drive.” I told him and buckled my seat belt.

   “Not until I get a kiss.” I groaned and leaned over and pecked his lips. He shook his head and placed is hand on the back of my head and pushed my head closer to him. “A real kiss.” I smiled and pressed my lips against his; I tangled my hand in his hair and closed my eyes.

   He pulled away and smiled, “That’s more like it.” He said and started the car.  His right hand found mine and he squeezed it. “I love you Mace, you know that right?”

   “Yes, I know that. I love you too, you tell me every day.” I laughed at the end and rolled my eyes.

  “You keep rolling your eyes and they will fall out of your head. So what time do you want me to come to your house?”

   I giggled and looked at him, “9, my mom and Grace should be asleep by then. My dad is working late tonight so you should have no problem sneaking in.”

   He pulled up in front of my house and put the car in park, “Okay, I’ll see you later. Text me.”

   “I will, see you tonight.” I climbed out of the car and walked up to my front door. I turned around   when Lane honked his horn and drove off. I rolled my eyes at him, he’s so weird. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out to look at it.

           Your eyes will fall out of your head if you keep doing that! Love ya ~ Xx Lane

   I laughed and pushed open my front door, he was weird but I loved him for it.














        Hope you guys like it! 1,781 words. 3 1/2 pages on Word. Leave a comment please!

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