take the pain away

Just a little story bout some depressed things, feelings that need to be said, it may be related to your situation your going through you might read to try and help a friend idk.


2. razor blades

After 3 months being  severely depressed  I grabbed my razor blade and slid it across my thigh, closing my eyes as it cuts my skin my,

bottled up shit inside me is starting to drain out its relieving pain,

It's like your locked in a room where its hard to breathe and suddenly you just,

just break out and breathe into that wonderful calm air.


as I keep cutting and cutting more pain has been relieved, 

why does such a sharp blade relieve so much pain thats been built up over the days or even hours.

 as blood trickles down my leg I think in my head, 

will my pain ever go away or is it just stuck there until I eventually give up.


hours go past as I hide my cuts,

 easy to hide them when its winter,

Im down stairs eating my dinner I look for a fork in the draw and my eyes start to expand open as I see a sharpener in the draw,

I just stand there for about 20 seconds my heart is literally just slowing down,

i hold my breath and I quickly grab the sharpener and smile,

fake smile or course.


 doesnt take long to have such a sharp object in your hand to harm yourself with.

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