take the pain away

Just a little story bout some depressed things, feelings that need to be said, it may be related to your situation your going through you might read to try and help a friend idk.


1. fall apart

It's not usual for me to fall apart suffering this bad,

i usually fall apart every once in a while but tonight was a wreck.


As i lay in my cosy bed but myself falling apart i cry cry.... 

until my tears are raining down the side of my face,

left and right tears drop slowly onto my pillow,

I just need someone just i need one person to care,

be here for me when Im falling.


My demons whisper if I stand I'll fall down,

therefore telling me to fall apart.

I scream until a headache hits my head.. just a shot to the brain will 

kill these feeding demons but i wont let them tear me apart forever,

they can push me over but i will try my hardest to stand up.


For the last 3 months i've cried myself to sleep and im definitely falling apart to sound of a broken heart,

maybe Im not as strong as i said maybe i should just give up,

as i squint my eyes like Im about to drown myself in my tears and fall to the ground.

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