take the pain away

Just a little story bout some depressed things, feelings that need to be said, it may be related to your situation your going through you might read to try and help a friend idk.


3. Darkness is my friend

I look at the scars on my thigh in darkness from 7 weeks ago,

as taking a blade to my skin for the first day............well,

not really the first time i had hurt myself to keep calm and get things of my mind,

i would bruise myself, try and scratch my eyes out,

i used anything to hurt myself apart from sharp objects.  


Dark is where i hide, Darkness is my friend

everyone loves being out in the sun while i sit in my room in complete darkness,

blinds fully closed, lights off....preferably making no light seek my room.


My soul is a sorry state in the dark,

its like being invisible when you hide in the dark.

 its either you find darkness or darkness finds you..

either way you are a dark person for time.




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