1. Just Starting Out

      "Ok girl you ready?" I ask gripping the sides of my bay horse's bridle. She blows air out of her nose in response. I smile and kiss her velvet nose gently, before putting my foot in the stir-up. Swinging my other leg over her hind quarters and into the stir-up, I kick her into a walk towards the starting gate. I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth as I get ready for the gates to open. "Ok everybody here we have Kriss Sisk on Tinkerbell" the announcer says in the microphone. "Its her first time so lets cheer her on"

     I smile thinking I won't need cheering. As the gates fly open I kick Tink into a hard gallop heading towards the first barrel. "Come on, come on" I whisper standing up in her saddle. We fly around the first barrel, soaring towards the second. The crowd was silent. I smile and kick her again, pushing her harder. Tink snorts and stretches her gait. Around the barrel we go and start towards the third and last. "Lets go Tink." She turns around the barrel sharply, leaving it wobbling. I bite my lip nervously as we head back to the starting gate.

     "Wow 15 seconds! For a rookie she and that horse can FLY!" the announcer says into the microphone. The crowd goes crazy. I smile and get of the bay horse patting her neck, my hand coming away with dust. The bay horse snorts and nibbles her hair gently. I take the reins, walking towards the stalls. Putting her in her stall, I shut the door and grab her grooming tack. I brush her mane and tail out after running a soft brush over her coat.

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