Black wings

In the dead of night the stallion galloped across the fields of pandradar,the kingdom of wisdom and kindness. On this magnificent beast was a young girl and her story begins with this book. Her adventure takes her to the most beautiful and amazing places in the world, on the run from the Radars she has to learn to fight and wield weapons. On the way she meets some strange but kind people. A young boy and his companion, both are from a distant land and agree to help the girl.

Open this book and begin the tale of a life time.


2. Who's the dude?

Ok it's morning. Me and Glacè are on our way to Pendona the city of lost dreams. As I sit on Glacè's back the sun shimers in the sky and the soft blow of the wind rushes through my hair, then suddenly I hear someone yelling and as I look back all I see is a young boy and a vixen running from what looked like a herd of big, furry and fast borrows. 

" Help! Help us!" The boy seemed to be out of breath and the vixen was just as bad from my point of view. I came up to their side and held Glacè in a galloping pose,

" Hurry take my hand!" As I held my hand out he looked at me and his eyes were the deepest blue I had ever seen, his hair was a dark brown, he took my hand and lifted himself up and onto Glacè back the vixen soon followed and as soon as it did I steered Glacè away from the stampede. Just a few seconds later and they would of been a mush on the ground.

" Thank you...?" 

" Kira. Kira Hawk. And you?" 

" Oh my names Luke and this is my vixen Lucky." His voice was soft but serious at the same time. As I look at him he seemed to be about my age and very cute. 

" This is my stallion, Glacè." When I said her name she bowed her head in form of hello. 

" Wow! Did you teach her that?" He seemed to be amazed by a simple trick not that it's a trick she learned it herself. He was a very nice guy and his vixen was not so bad either. 

" Oh no. She learned it herself. If I could, would it be Alright if you acompiney me?"My stomach

  tightened as I waited for a reply. He looked like he was going to refuse but then,

" Alright we'll help you. After all you did save our lives." He did a sort of laugh after he said that.

Alright I'm on my way now! The Radars won't stop me now and plus I have company as well so it's not all doom and glom.

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