Black wings

In the dead of night the stallion galloped across the fields of pandradar,the kingdom of wisdom and kindness. On this magnificent beast was a young girl and her story begins with this book. Her adventure takes her to the most beautiful and amazing places in the world, on the run from the Radars she has to learn to fight and wield weapons. On the way she meets some strange but kind people. A young boy and his companion, both are from a distant land and agree to help the girl.

Open this book and begin the tale of a life time.


5. Time to confess

"Glace!?"  my voice stuttered, Luke tugged at my sleave and pointed behind us. Sure enough Derek was there however he was not trying to catch up, instead he had sent the most discusting, hideous monster I had ever seen with the frothing, yellow fangs and crimson eyes that could see you're worst nightmare. Huge paws with the muscles ripping out the flesh as the tail whiped around destroying anything in its path. Razor like claws tearing up the ground like it was nothing, it came closer, it's eyes fixed upon Glacè ready to pounce. I saw its muscles flinch, it's jaw open...


My eyes opened as a hand gently shoved my shoulder, I peered over to see that Luke was holding onto a wound I had in my side, the look of worry on his face was just unbearable. Suddenly my mind and body froze as I remembered what had happened! The beast leaped from the ground and caught the back of Glacè's leg, she went down like a shot and I had galled onto a nearby branch. 

"GLACÈ!" I looked around frantically my eyes stopped on the body that lay not that far away from me, the wound in Glacè's leg was deep but didn't look to serious, her head looped round to make sure I was ok. I gave her a smile and looked towards the beast.

It was heading back to Derek, who was now off his horse and running over to me and Luke. 

"Who's that? And why is he attacking us?" Luke seemed confused and a bit angry,

"He is from my home land, our parents..." I stopped, closing my eyes thinking of the horrid memory,

"Your parents?"

" Our parents planed for us... wed. He humbly accepted but I objected day after day after day, eventually I took Glacè and ran. In my home land once a deals been made it has to be kept." I looked away as Luke stood up in anger and outrage, his blue eyes became crimson his rugish hair turned as black as the fur on the beast's body. his fist clenched and drew blood, his teeth became fangs and a wolfs tail appeared out of nowere.  Derek was ready to strike, when Luke grabed his arm, dug his claws in and nearly ripped half his arm off, suddenly Derek drew a dagger from his belt and was about to throw it into to Luke's side when.....








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