Black wings

In the dead of night the stallion galloped across the fields of pandradar,the kingdom of wisdom and kindness. On this magnificent beast was a young girl and her story begins with this book. Her adventure takes her to the most beautiful and amazing places in the world, on the run from the Radars she has to learn to fight and wield weapons. On the way she meets some strange but kind people. A young boy and his companion, both are from a distant land and agree to help the girl.

Open this book and begin the tale of a life time.


1. The escape

Run, run? That's all my heart was screaming. My hands were sweating from gripping on to my stallion Glacè, although I knew she was going as fast as possible I wished she ran faster. The Radars were getting closer and closer, the black figures of men on horses was becoming clearer  but at the front was the only one I was running from. That was Derek the man who wishes me for himself, a very ugly and mean man who's temper gets the better of him at any time. Glacè took a sharp turn into the trees and I nearly fell off but I kept my grip and she carried on. A river was coming up and it was wide but I edged her on and on as we came to the river she jumped, as she landed she slipped on the muddy bank of the river and nearly fell in. The Radars tried the same thing but just fell and got pushed away with the current. The relief that took over my body felt so good, I eased up on Glacè and we stopped for a rest, now that I think about it Glacè has always saved my life, when I was born my parents were killed but they put me on a stallion and sent me away. Ive been with her for 16 years now and not once has she let me down, talk about loyalty. Even now when I look at her she's a magnificent stallion and friend, her black fur shimmers in the fire light, memorising me I can even feel myself falling....a.....sle..sleep. 

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