Black wings

In the dead of night the stallion galloped across the fields of pandradar,the kingdom of wisdom and kindness. On this magnificent beast was a young girl and her story begins with this book. Her adventure takes her to the most beautiful and amazing places in the world, on the run from the Radars she has to learn to fight and wield weapons. On the way she meets some strange but kind people. A young boy and his companion, both are from a distant land and agree to help the girl.

Open this book and begin the tale of a life time.


3. Pendona

"Right were nearly there" Tora the city of the sun, and with me is Luke and lucky, the boy i met and his companion vixen. As we walk through the huge golden gates we are stopped by two men in uniforms, they look like big brutes who won't hesitate to throw a punch when needed.

" HALT! We need to see your luggage." They had a tough but gentle voice and they spoke at the same time!

" OK here you go officer. And he doesn't have anything with him I don't think." I looked at him as I said this and handed the man my luggage. He took it and searched through it as if I had a bomb hidden in it. After, he handed it back to me and let me go through, as i approached the city the sun glistened on the towers of the buildings. They were beautiful, there was tall ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones, all different, all real. As we searched the streets, we could smell all sorts of strange things, but in the end we ended up finding a quite place to stop and have lunch.

" Hey Kira. Can I show you something?" his voice changed slightly,

" sure you know you can tell me anything." He started to pull something out of his pocket when some guards not too far away from us got stopped by some very familiar people, Luke had just finished pulling a bright shining object put of his back pocket when a yell came from behind us. As I looked my eyes opened wide and nothing was coming out of my open mouth, Luke put the object back into his pocket, grabbed my arm and draged me away, we kept running until we felt like dieing.

" That...was.....close" luke let out a sigh of relef while I dropped to the floor panting, 

" did they find us" I asked as soon as I could speak again. I was sure they all got swept away with the river back home, after about thirty minutes we made sure no-one had followed us. We then started to try and find a place to sleep for the night. We eventually found a place called the crimson night inn, we got in our room but all I could think about was how on earth could the radars find me here? It was around midnight when I decided to get a drink, I got up and got some water on my way back to my bed I stopped and looked at Luke, he seemed happy and peaceful, it was kinda cute how he slept his hair was over one eye, his hands next to his face like a little lost puppy. I finally got back to my bed and fell asleep.

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