Black wings

In the dead of night the stallion galloped across the fields of pandradar,the kingdom of wisdom and kindness. On this magnificent beast was a young girl and her story begins with this book. Her adventure takes her to the most beautiful and amazing places in the world, on the run from the Radars she has to learn to fight and wield weapons. On the way she meets some strange but kind people. A young boy and his companion, both are from a distant land and agree to help the girl.

Open this book and begin the tale of a life time.


4. Half way there.

The sun as red as a feasibly bloomed rose, rises from the ice cold mountains,I opened my eyes and the heart shaped face of Luke brought a smile to my face as I remembered the deep blue eyes that gave me the trust I have today. Lucky's soft brown head was gently placed on my ankles as Glace was peeking through the gaps in the window.

" Lucky?" my voice softly reached her ears, as they pricked up and her head turned to face me. The big, brown eyes softened like I was an old friend. I flinched as movement came from beside me, as I looked  Luke seemed surprised to see me in the bed beside him, then I saw his face, he looked as if he had just seen a ghost. I looked round and saw three radars stood in the arch way that is our door, they seemed to have not seen that it was me however it was strange the way they were stood. "listen I don't know how they got in here but I do know how were gonna get out so pay attention." my wistpering voice calmed him down a bit but not alot. When we were sure they could not see us we ran for the window and jumped on to Glace and galloped away, as I looked back I could not see anyone following. It all was a bit weird and not like what you would normally see, we continued through the city till we came to a large field of irises, purple petles and green roserys. The sun glistened off the river as the silver fish jumped out off the water.

" Get back here you slimy little wrench!" as the shout ecoed around the field my mind fuzzed with worry as I reconized the voice. It was Derek!.

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