I'm In Love WIth My Teacher ( Harry Styles )

"Emma Williamson, stay after class. Please." Harry said starring at me. After Harry spoke almost everyone in the class were starring at me. "Will do Mr. Styles.." I said looking at Tina who was looking at me.


8. To Many Problems In This World.

**Zayn's POV** 

After I cleaned up Tina's wrists we went into her bedroom and I had her lay down while I took the computer and got her something to eat. I left her to eat and went down stairs. 

When I got there I looked at all the tweets. Why is there so many problems in the world! I started to tweet something on my Twitter. 


Hey Twitter! Well.. I had a horrible time a while ago.. All this hate NEEDS to stop.. Not to me! Idc about u haters! Tina, shes beautiful, sweet, pretty,caring ,and a wonderful person! Stop or I am going to delete all my accounts. 


There, now I shouldn't have to worry. After I got done I went up to Tina's room, when I got there she didn't even touch her food. She didn't even drink the water I gave her.. 

"Tina.. Eat please.. For me..?" I said going over to her bed and sitting next to her. 

"I can't. I'm not going to.." Tina said putting the covers over her head. 

"Okay.. Then I'm going to feed you like a baby like airplane style!" I said laughing. She started to giggle and started eating. 

She stopped eating,"I love you." She said and then started eating again. 

"I love you too." I said. 



**Harry's POV**

I walked over and but my arms around Emma's waist. Damn she is beautiful.. I'm so lucky.. She's so nice and caring. Just a beautiful person inside and out. You may wonder if I'm scared or jealous that she kissed Niall. Nope. Not at all, I mean so it was just one kiss who cares! 

I turned on my flat screen TV and put on 'ABC Family' and watched 'Pretty Little Liars' with Emma. "This show is pretty gay, Em.." I said looking into her beautiful Hazel eyes. 

"No it's not you have to watch from the begging, stupid!" She said, then poked my nose. After 3 episodes we both fell asleep. 


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