I'm In Love WIth My Teacher ( Harry Styles )

"Emma Williamson, stay after class. Please." Harry said starring at me. After Harry spoke almost everyone in the class were starring at me. "Will do Mr. Styles.." I said looking at Tina who was looking at me.


9. School??

** Emma's POV** 


I slammed my alarm clock and got up out of bed. When I looked over on my bed there was no one there. My iPhone was plugged in and my door was closed. I walked over to my door and looked down the hall, I ran back to my bed and looked at my phone.




There was about 10 from Harry and the boys and the rest was Tina. 


I answered the call.

"Umm.. Hello..?" I said waiting for her to answer

"Where in the world is your ass! You missed 1,2 and 3 period!.. You better get over here. NOW! " 

"Okay okay.. Uh.. Hey I gotta go.. Bye.." I said hanging up. Harry walked in. 

"Why didn't my alarm go off early!?" I screamed at him as he walked into the room. 

"You need a day off.." He said walking up close to me. He put his on my hips and pulled me closer. 

"Okay" I said smiling and kissed him on the lips and pulled him even closer. He pushed me on the bed. Then Liam walked in. 

" Ew! Ew!  Ew! Ew!  Ew! HARRY AND EMMA ARE ABOUT TO DO IT!" Liam screamed throughout the house. About 10 seconds later all the boys were in my room. 

"Mates lets leave the lovebirds alone" Louis said winking at Harry and I. They all left the room and I could hear Liam still talking about it after he left. Harry and I continued where we were. 


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