I'm In Love WIth My Teacher ( Harry Styles )

"Emma Williamson, stay after class. Please." Harry said starring at me. After Harry spoke almost everyone in the class were starring at me. "Will do Mr. Styles.." I said looking at Tina who was looking at me.


12. Home

I stepped out of Tina's car and waved goodbye, I unlocked the front door and went upstairs to my room. I flopped on my bed and turned on my computer. I went to 'Youtube' I clicked on my favorite song. Stay by Miley Cyrus, I always listen to that song, especially when I'm sad.

I heard someone walking up the stairs and slowly opening my door. It was my mom. She looked at me with a surprised face, she walked up to my bed and sat down next to me. 

"Hun, are you okay?" she said with a concerned face.

"No. Harry and I b-b-rok-e  up-p-" I said with tears streaming down my face a couple hitting my moms leg. I wiped them off and looked down at my computer screen I didn't want my mom seeing me this way. 

"Oh.. Emma.. It's okay.. Shhh.. Shh.." She said hugging me and petting my head, when she did that I thought of Harry. I kept crying and crying. 

"Do you want anything?" She said walking to the room. 

"2 chocolate frostys and a cheeseburger with fries, please" I said looking at Harry's twitter page. She nodded and left the room. 



How are you? Do you want to talk? I will beat him up for you if you want? Hahaha (; Oh Zayn and the boys are coming fyi 


I didn't feel like texting anyone so I left it and went on Facebook. 

Oh my god. 


I can't believe this.. This is a dream.. This isn't true! It can't be! It was a picture of Harry and another girl. A pretty one. Of course. He's Harry Styles, he can get any girl he wants! I closed my computer and walked into my bathroom.

I looked into the mirror. I started thinking. Look at you ugly we all know that Harry only went out with you was because he felt sorry for you. Come one who would date you fatso. Look at your face! OMG! It's not smooth or perfect. Oh yeah! You're not perfect! 

I looked at myself again, my face was black and covered in tears. You can tell I was hurt, very badly. I heard a knock on my door and saw Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Tina all staring at me. I picked myself up and wiped off my face and planted a fake smile on my face. 

"Oh hey guys! How are you? How was school? Any new drama!?" I said sitting on my little couch in my room, still smiling and looking at all of them speechless.

"You don't have to pretend to be happy for us, Emma." Niall said looking at me and sat on the arm of the couch.

"We know your not.. And that's okay.." Liam said standing there looking into my eyes.  

I looked at all of them and thought about what I was thinking in the bathroom. I broke down crying and I couldn't stop. Niall rubbed my back and kissed my head. Liam ran over to my bed and grabbed my teddy bear and gave to me. I smiled and looked at Niall, he is so caring. All of them are.

"Thank you.' I said and looked at my teddy bear and smiled again. 

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