I'm In Love WIth My Teacher ( Harry Styles )

"Emma Williamson, stay after class. Please." Harry said starring at me. After Harry spoke almost everyone in the class were starring at me. "Will do Mr. Styles.." I said looking at Tina who was looking at me.


10. Enemies

**Emma's POV**

I woke up with Harry standing in my bathroom taking a shower, I got up and got my clothes and walked into the bathroom. He finished and blow dried his hair. After he left I got into the warm shower and washed my hair. 

I dried off and blow dried and curled my hair. I put on my make up then put on some clothes.

I put on a white t shirt and black studded shorts with black converses and a black hat that says 'Obey.'  

I texted Tina to see if she was coming. I waited about 5 minuets and she didn't answer. I decided just to walk, I mean I'm not that far away. I started walking when I saw the same guy from the first day of school, I kept my head down and walked. 

"Ayye! You you're  the one on the first day of school!" He screamed and started walking over to me. 

"Yeah, so what? What do you want?" I said

"A kiss!" He said looking into my eyes

"From what? The ground? Not me!" I said looking at him hoping he will leave 

"Yes you!" He said getting closer to me. 

I dialed Harry's number, then texted him S.O.S. Since I was close to Harry's house he is going to get  there easily. I saw Harry's car and he was getting closer  and closer. 

"HEY GET AWAY FROM HER!" Harry yelled as he was running up to us. 

"What's you name sir?" Harry asked pulling me away from him and getting into the boy's face. 

"Corey." He said looking up and down at Harry then smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and stood behind Harry. 

"Oh yeah, you were in detention yesterday.." He said looking at Corey.

"Could we speed this along..? I have school you know!" I said tapping my foot waiting for them to stop having a staring contest. 

"Oh it's okay babe" Corey said smiling at me and winking. I looked at Harry and he was so mad. 



I looked at my phone and clicked on ANSWER. But the next thing I knew Corey was on the ground with a bloody face. 

"What did you do...?" I whispered to Harry, he looked at me then him. 

"Nobody calls my girlfriend 'babe' unless it's me." He said hugging me and kissing my forehead.

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