I'm In Love WIth My Teacher ( Harry Styles )

"Emma Williamson, stay after class. Please." Harry said starring at me. After Harry spoke almost everyone in the class were starring at me. "Will do Mr. Styles.." I said looking at Tina who was looking at me.


3. After Class

As the bell rang everyone left the room and I sat in my seat waiting for Harry to talk. "Come over, I don't bite" Harry said and winked at me. I walked over and sat on his desk. " Yes Mr. Styles..?" I asked as I looked into his beautiful green / blue eyes. Damn he is gorgeous. 

He pulled my belt buckle and pulled me closer to him, he started kissing my neck until he go to my lips. We kissed for about 30 seconds then I pulled away. "Emma.. I.. I.." He started and looked at me and planted a big smirk on his face. 

" I love you" I said,

" I love you" He repeated. 





******* Sorry it's short /:   ): *******

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