Me and You

Harry's Parent died a year ago in a Plane Crash, Leaving Harry and his baby siser Lux all alone. They left Holmes Capel and moved to London, Lux is starting Kindergared and Harry is going into his senior year. What happens when Harry meets a girl name Livy with a hard life. Will he help her? We she help him? will they help eachother? Find out in....Me and You,

Niall Horan
Ashley Spillman
Liam Payne
Olivia Daly as Livy Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
Lux as Lux Styles
Harry Styles
and more


13. We Are Family

-It's a month later Olivia is out of the hospital, She moved into the house with everyone.One Direction is celebrating their new album "Up All Night".Olivia and Harry are now discussing their relationship-


The rest of the boys went to go get pizza and Ashley and Lux are upstairs. I and Olivia are laying down on the couch watching a Christmas movie since Christmas is coming up soon. "Hey, babe what are we," Olivia said. What did she mean by that? "What do you mean, you're my girlfriend and I love you". Olivia smiled "I love you too" she replied as she kissed me. Just then the boys came home. "PIZZA" Niall yelled. "Stop sucking my baby sisters face Styles," Louis said. "LOUIE I am sixteen years old let me live" Olivia whined. She is so cute. I went upstairs to get Lux and Ashley for pizza. "Pizza is here," I said as I walked into Lux's room. "PIZZA" Ashley yelled as she got off the floor from playing dolls with Lux and ran downstairs. Man, she and Niall are made for each other. "Come on Lux lets go eat," I said as I picked her up. "Pizza is yummy Harrah" Lux babbled. she is so cute. 


"To our first album and to the rest of lives," I said as I raised my pizza in the air to toast. We all smashed our pizza slices together and laughed. "I love you guys," Zayn said. "Yeah me to you guys are like my brothers," Niall said with a mouth filled with pizza. It may be cheesy, but I've been with everyone here since kindergarten except for Harry I've only known him for a few months, but he is family. Lux and Harry are my family. 


I looked around at everyone smiling. I kissed Olivia on the cheek and Lux on her forehead. I finally found a family. I miss my parents like crazy and I know Lux does too, but they are looking down at us being so proud of all the success in the making. I love everyone here and I know they love me. We are family. 

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