Me and You

Harry's Parent died a year ago in a Plane Crash, Leaving Harry and his baby siser Lux all alone. They left Holmes Capel and moved to London, Lux is starting Kindergared and Harry is going into his senior year. What happens when Harry meets a girl name Livy with a hard life. Will he help her? We she help him? will they help eachother? Find out in....Me and You,

Niall Horan
Ashley Spillman
Liam Payne
Olivia Daly as Livy Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
Lux as Lux Styles
Harry Styles
and more


10. The Meeting


The Talent Show was last night. Simon Cowell wanted to meet with Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall and sign them to his record label.



"Lux sweetie, you're going to stay with Livy and Ashley for a few hours okay?" I was getting ready for the biggest meeting of my life, this meeting will either ruin or make my dreams. "I'm coming to Harreh" Lux said running down the stairs with her day bag. "okay when I get out of he meeting I come pick you up and we can spend the rest of the day together, sound like a plan" I told her giving her one of my promising smiles. After I dropped off lux at the Ashley and Niall's house. Louis drove us to the meeting



I was quite nervous meeting the boys again, I really wanted this to go well. I think these boys have good potential and talented voice, "Mr Cowell, the one direction boys are here should I send them in" my secretary said, "of course of course send them in" I motioned the boys to come in. "Alight boys from what i saw at last night talent show, let me just say you all have great potential and I would love to but you 5 into a group" " are-e y-y-ou serious" Harry said "i have never been more serious i would like to offer you boys a contract with Syco records" the boys screamed in excitement bringing themselves into a group hug. "it was nice meeting with you boys and if you would just sign here we could discuss the rest of your bright future" "Okay now we need to focus on the name of the group and the style of clothing and music" I said "how about Niall and the potatoes" Niall suggested "absolutely not" Harry said "how about the carrot kings" Louis said" we put our heads down vetoing his suggestion. "how about one direction" Harry suggested " i think that's a great name" we all agreed on 'One Direction' was the perfect name " Now lets get started on your style of clothing, I have my sty.." "lets just get one thing straight here, we don't want to be you average boy band okay, we have our own styles and we defiantly don't dance" Louis said rudely interrupting me. I sat there thinking for a minute "okay you got it, this s your boy band you can make it however you want" as I continued with their style of music and how we would come out, we ended the meeting and will meet up next week on Sunday early at 9 am. One Direction will be the next big boy band


*SORRY for the 6-month delay, also this was a very short chapter, I'm working on the next one now and will update it as soon as possible. *

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