Me and You

Harry's Parent died a year ago in a Plane Crash, Leaving Harry and his baby siser Lux all alone. They left Holmes Capel and moved to London, Lux is starting Kindergared and Harry is going into his senior year. What happens when Harry meets a girl name Livy with a hard life. Will he help her? We she help him? will they help eachother? Find out in....Me and You,

Niall Horan
Ashley Spillman
Liam Payne
Olivia Daly as Livy Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
Lux as Lux Styles
Harry Styles
and more


8. Talents

-At School- -Louis Pov-

The talent show was coming up and Livy suggested I should sing, she said talent press are going to be there looking for kids with talent so this my be my chance to be famous and get me nd Livy to a better Life. So I signed my name on the List, I also noticed Liam, Naill and Zayn's name on the list. I saw them at the lunch table. "you guys are signing up" I asked as I sat down. "Yea I think it would be fun," Niall said as he stuffed his face with pizza. "where is livy," I asked "she hanging out with that harry kid," Ashley said as she was also stuffing her face with pizza, I swear her and Niall could be twins.

-Livy Pov-

I was walking with Ashley to the Lunch room when I heard someone singing in the music room, He sounded so deep and sexy.  "Ash I catch up with you in a bit" I told her, she nodded and walked away. I knocked on the door and opened it and saw Harry "wow your really good" I said as i sat next to him "oh um Thanks" he said "you should sign up for the talent show who knows you can be signed to a record company, you can get a new life a good life for you and Lux" I said as I tried to encourage him "I don't know" he said "come on if you do it I do something" I said hopping he would do it. "okay but only if you do it to" he said "deal" I said as I took his hand and walked him to the lunch room. We signed up for the talent show and went to the table. "hey guys" I said as I sat down between Louis and Harry. "you guys are signing up for the talent show" Zayn asked "yea Harry got a good voice and I told him if I did it he will do it" I said as I flashed harry a cool smile. "nice so what are you singing" Liam asked, "Isn't She Lovely" Harry said "by Stevie Wonder" I added. "are you guys singing" I asked "yea I'm singing Hey there Delilah" Louis said "and I'm singing Cry me a River" Liam said "and I'm singing so sick" Niall said "and I'm singing let me love you" Zayn said "cool what about you Ash you doing anything" I said, "I'm dancing" Ash said. 



sorry this wasn't really good and short it will be better next time scouts honor xD 

please give me feedback thank you 

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