Me and You

Harry's Parent died a year ago in a Plane Crash, Leaving Harry and his baby siser Lux all alone. They left Holmes Capel and moved to London, Lux is starting Kindergared and Harry is going into his senior year. What happens when Harry meets a girl name Livy with a hard life. Will he help her? We she help him? will they help eachother? Find out in....Me and You,

Niall Horan
Ashley Spillman
Liam Payne
Olivia Daly as Livy Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
Lux as Lux Styles
Harry Styles
and more


1. FlashBack

-Harry POV-

"mum dad what's going on" I yelled into the phone "Harry baby I love you me and your father are going away for awhile" my mum said I could hear her voice crack "mum I'm not 6 years old what the hell is going on" I said as tears ran down my face. " Harry the plane is crashing we don't have a lot of time I want you to take care of lux for us and be a good boy okay the house and money is all for you guys, go to school and I want you to follow your dreams okay Harry I want you to live your dream of being a singer we love you Harry and lux we..." And the line went dead " MUM MUM DON'T DIE ANSWER ME DON'T LEAVE US" I drop the phone and cried I looked over at lux " it's just you and me lux" I said to her.

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