Me and You

Harry's Parent died a year ago in a Plane Crash, Leaving Harry and his baby siser Lux all alone. They left Holmes Capel and moved to London, Lux is starting Kindergared and Harry is going into his senior year. What happens when Harry meets a girl name Livy with a hard life. Will he help her? We she help him? will they help eachother? Find out in....Me and You,

Niall Horan
Ashley Spillman
Liam Payne
Olivia Daly as Livy Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
Lux as Lux Styles
Harry Styles
and more


4. Behind The Smiles

Louis Pov

We got livy all cleaned up and we were just chilling until I notice the time. shit. "you guys got to go my dad going to be here any minute," I said. Livy got worried, I gave her the look it was going to be okay. "okay okay jeez Lou we're leaving" Niall said. "I message you later Livy," Ashely said. Livy nodded.Everyone left and I and Livy started cleaning up. Then my dad came bursting "where are you brats" my dad said as he came walking in "go upstairs" I whispered to Livy "no he wants me not you, you go upstairs" Livy whispered to me. My dad came into the family room "YOU!! you're the reason why my wife isn't here anymore she decided to let you live and she died for it and this is how you repay me by being acting like a spoiled ass bitch" my dad said yelling at Livy. I wanted to punch him so hard, but I knew that would make matters worse. My dad drags Livy up to his room doing god know what she doesn't tell me because she knows it would just make it worse. So I ran into my room and put my music on blast to block out the screaming.


-With Harry and Lux- -Harry Pov-

I was making mine and Lux favorite dinner and putting it into one so I'm making spaghetti tacos. "when dinner going to be ready harrah" Lux said as she was helping me set the table "5 More minutes sweetie how about you tell me about your day at school" I said the minute I finish saying my sentence , her eyes lit up and got all excited "it waz so much fun I made a new friewnd her name is Tracy and she was a twin brotha his name waz Kevin" she said "that nice anything else" I said as I was making her taco "we had to paint a picture of our family and my teacher asked why I only drew us and I said because my mommy and daddy were on vacation" she said. We sat down to eat everything was good until Lux asked the most heartbreaking thing "Harrah when are momma and dadda coming home" she said. I drop my fork and my eyes began to sting with tears "um well babe mommy and daddy got into a bad accident and they were in so much pain we had to let them go where there was no more pain" i said to her, tears began to come out of her eyes "" so mommy and daddy are never coming back" she said 'no babe its just me and you but don't worry in a few years when is our time to go we will see them again in heaven" i told her "whats heaven" sghe said "well Heavn is a place above in the sky where yoyr spirit goes when your time on eath ends and stay peacefully up their" I said "ohh" Lux said. "come on love finish eating because you need to take a bath and then I sing you good night" I said. After we finished eating I gave her a bubble bath and sang her to sleep when she was fast asleep I went into my room and looked through the box filled with mom and dad's stuff, as I looked through it I began to cry softly. "why you have to go, why now, I cant do this alone anymore, i miss you guys" i whispered trying to speak to my dead parents. I put the box back into the closet and I look at my audition tape for the x factor and threw it away and went to sleep. 

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