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Rosemary and Victoria are best friends! They share everything together. Rosemary is loud and wild, yet Victoria has experienced trio attic things in her past and is more laid back. When they drop out of their ordinary schools to go to an art school, Rosemary is happy to find herself in an apartment close to Harry Styles's! But what happens when Harry does not go for the crazy girls he's used to. What happens when he starts to fall for the broken girl?


1. Unexpected

Rosemary's POV

What to bring? What to bring? What to bring? Is all that is going through my mind right now. I am packing everything that is important to me.
"I can't believe we are going to art school in Paris!" I shouted at Vicky. I run across my bedroom searching through my clothes. I decide which ones are the ones that I can not absolutely live without and place those in my suitcase. The rest I put in a box to be shipped of on a truck along with Vicky's things that have already been packed. Those things will only arrive a week later. 
"Should I bring this?" Victoria comes up to me while she is holding a picture of her family.

Victoria's POV 

What I am holding in male hands is a picture from a good old time. From the time before my little sister died of cancer. Before my dad went of to war in Iraq and died there. Before my mother left us. Before it was just my older brother Jason and I, sharing a small apartment in Boston. Before all of that, we were actually a happy family.
"Don't you want to leave the past behind?" Rosemary said in a charitable voice.
"I have an idea!" I said. I ran into her kitchen and grabbed a pair of shiny scissors. I took the picture out of its frame and cut out a large part of the picture, so the only two people
left were Jason and I.
"It looks better that way. Honestly." Rosemary said. "Our taxi is here!" She added, as she pointed out of the window, and in front of her mansion there was a yellow taxi parked across the street. Hastily I grabbed my suitcase as we both stepped outside.

"This will be an adventure!" She said while her red hair bounced on her back as she was slightly jumping.

Once we got onto the plane we sat down and giggled. We talked about how exited we were, since she was going to study the art of drawing, and I the art of poetry. 

"I heard that one direction is throwing a concert in Paris next year!" She said excitedly.

"Why are you so obsessed with them?!"

"Why are you not!?" 

We laughed and she gossiped all about them for an hour straight!


"And they are all single!" In her voice was a little scream. 

Once we boarded of the plane we did not go straight to our shared apartment. We walked around Paris, the city of love! Everything felt so magical! It was absolutely amazing! 

We did eventually reach our furnished apartment. Well..... If you call one couch, a refrigerator and two beds furnished. 

Rosemary's POV

This is wonderful! I can already feel success. I will be doing what I love in the city that I love with a person that I love! I am so happy!

"I am going down to the lobby to get an extra key." I shouted at Vicky.

I stepped out of our apartment and right there in the hallway I saw Harry Styles looking around him with a confused expression on his adorable face. My heart sank! I was vibrating of anxiety. He looked at me and started to walk towards me.

"Hey! I am so very sorry to interrupt, but can I use your phone?" He asked looking at me with guilt in his eyes.

"Of course you can. I suppose that we are neighbors now. Am I right?" I asked him, trying not to stutter. I reach into my Gucci purse to find my phone.

"Yeah I live down the hall with my mate Liam. If you don't mind me asking what is your name?" 

"My name is Rosemary, and I live with my friend Victoria." I am still searching for my phone inside of the black hole that hangs around my shoulder. Finally I found it and I hand it over to him. "Here you go."

"Thank you so much! You are my hero! Oh, I forgot! How rude of me... My name is Harry."

"I know!" The words slipped out of my mouth without me being able to control it. I can not believe I let my inner fan girl come out like that! I sounded so stalkerish!

Harry's POV 

I was starting to like this girl. She seemed nicer than most of my fans. Brighter as well. After I used her phone to call Niall I felt obligated to ask her this question.
"I am having a small get together in three days with a few of my mates. Would you and your room mate be interested in coming?" 

"We'd love too." She said smiling cutely. I gave her back her phone and she stepped into the elevator. I was looking forward to three days from now. 




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