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Rosemary and Victoria are best friends! They share everything together. Rosemary is loud and wild, yet Victoria has experienced trio attic things in her past and is more laid back. When they drop out of their ordinary schools to go to an art school, Rosemary is happy to find herself in an apartment close to Harry Styles's! But what happens when Harry does not go for the crazy girls he's used to. What happens when he starts to fall for the broken girl?


2. Nice to meet you

Rosemary's POV 

"We have to go shopping now!" I shouted, while I was searching through my closet for a cute dress. "All I have is tight neon dresses that make me look like a glow in the dark prostitute!" I was officially a damsel in distress. You know those woman who always need to be saved in 30s movies.

"I brought few dresses, but that are probably all too small for you." Vicky said with a hopeless look.

"Do you know where the nearest mall is?" I asked. I am terrible with directions so why not ask?

"In Europe there are not as many malls, but there are stand alone shops that work the same way. You know? Like the ones in New York. I am very sure that we could find some decent clothes there." She said smiling, but her smile faded in almost an instant. "What day is it today?!" 

"Saturday......." I said, with a worried look.

"What day did we arrive here?!" She then shouted at me.

"Thursday..... Oh shit! The party is tonight! If we're going shopping we have to go now!" I am shaking. We are both still in our pajamas. Quickly we run to our closets. I grab a black leather skirt and a white blouse. Vicky puts on a long sleeved red dress. Quickly I sink to the bottom of my closet to grandpa a pair of white heels.

"Throw me the red ones!" 

I did as she said. We both run hurriedly to the bathroom. First we brush our teeth. I brush my red hair and put it in a messy bun. Victoria keeps her brown hair down and puts a scarf around the upper part of her hair. She is going for the Blair Walldorf look. (A/N if you don't know who that is, or what I mean, look it up on google images. Thank you.) 
We run out of our apartment and into the lobby. As soon as we are out of the building we grab a cab. The cab stops in front of a cute shop. As soon as we pay him we run inside. This has to be the cutest shop I have ever visited in my life! I find an adorable blue floral dress, and Vicky has her eyes on a white lace one.

"You should get it." I tell her. She jumps a little out of shock. "Or is the price outrageous?" 

"No, it's perfection. I am just checking it out." She said smiling. "This dress would go perfect with my pearl necklace, would it not?"

Victoria's POV 

Honestly I am worried sick! I am not the number one directioner. It is just that they are rich and famous. Almost like elites. My family is already super rich. Do not get me wrong! My family is a mess! But a stinking rich one. This school is extremely  expensive.   And our apartment might not be the biggest one in Boston, but it is defiantly one of the most luxurious! I take it and hand it to the cashier. Rosie already paid for her dress so that is settled. 

We walk out of there joyfully. We go out for lunch and eat snails for the first time. I must admit, it was very good. We walked around Paris for another's hour and bought another five dresses and lots of jewelry. Once we got back in our apartment we tried on the dresses. They fit perfectly. Rosie curls the tips of her red hair and I do the same. 

Harry's POV 

"So when are they coming?" Zayn asked impatiently.

"Not sure." I respond.

"Are they hot?" Louis asked.

I was trying to picture rosemary again. She was beautiful. She was very tall, had long red hair, freckles of course. She had the most amazing smile that made her blue eyes stand out.

"Yeah, the one I met was defiantly hot!" I said.

"Knock knock!" We hear them knocking on our door. I can't wait to introduce my mates to this red headed hottie.

I open the door and see the loveliest girl I have seen in my life. She looked amazing and just that made me smile. I could see the beauty of her heart in her green eyes.
"My friend will be here soon. We have not met yet, my name is Victoria. You must be Harry Styles?"


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