The Collected Accounts of June Bloomer

Across newspapers and television, seventeen year old June Bloomer is being shredded across the country for the cataclysmic events she caused in the quiet town of Johnston's creek. However months after the horror, in that forgettable village, June's only four friends are determined to tell the truth of June from the causalities they received first hand and nothing less.


26. Entry seven:

Entry Seven:

She liked; Greek mythology, flowers, the kind of music usually sprung from a bohemian mother and the idea of love. She liked me, too. I knew she hadn’t had the chance to make many friends. Michael had lured her in too much too fast, and I could tell she enjoyed something more relaxed.

She didn’t like a lot of things too. Like dead flowers, without any attempt to preserve them. She didn’t like the withering world; it was all a waste. But if she liked me, it’s enough. In the end, it might have been what saved my life.

 Rose’s edit: Short edit, El.

Eleanor’s edit on Rose’s edit: I just don’t see the point in trying to fill up a book. I mean, there’s enough content for your money’s worth already, don’t you think?

Rose’s edit on Eleanor’s edit on Rose’s edit: I know, but people couldn’t care less if she liked Greek Mythology. All they care about is what she hated enough to drive her to killing. And it was more than dead flowers, that’s for sure.

Eleanor’s edit on Rose’s edit on Eleanor’s edit on Rose’s edit: She was only human Rose, I think you and the rest of the world forget that sometimes.

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