The Collected Accounts of June Bloomer

Across newspapers and television, seventeen year old June Bloomer is being shredded across the country for the cataclysmic events she caused in the quiet town of Johnston's creek. However months after the horror, in that forgettable village, June's only four friends are determined to tell the truth of June from the causalities they received first hand and nothing less.


1. Author's Note

Author's note:

The Collected Accounts of June Bloomer is a story I've been piecing together in my head for a while, and have now found the courage to post it online to your mercy! Let me know if you'd like to read more (plenty where it came from) and I have a lot of ideas for this so I hope you can be there with me as I develop it! If you've read any of my movellas before, think 'The Lucid Tendencies of Cherry Haze' with a crime twist. Enjoy and please comment like or favourite if you like it, it means the world! And without further ado; here it is. 

Love, Tee

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