Here are some poems I wrote or found a long time ago about love.

I love them all.



I remember the way you looked at me in the early morning light.

I remember the way you kissed me under the monlit night.

I remember the way you kissed my cheek when I was feeling sad.

I remember the way you wiped my tearss when tears were all I had.

I remember the way your eyes would shine, your beautiful eyes, so blue.

I remember the way it made me feel to hear you say 'I love you'.

I remember the way you made me smile in the smallest little ways.

I remember my love growing stronger for you over the passing days.


Then the day finally came when you took it all away.

Even though you had no choice, I thought you'd always stay.

I never thought the would come when I would lose my love.

But I know you're in heaven loving me from above.

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