A fine frenzy- near to you

My entry for the "Inspired by a song" competition


1. chapter one

I layed in the tall icy grass. My fingers entwining with the carpet of white-green strands. I would never go back. I let my tears fall freely, and I promised myself I would lay in this position forever. I closed my eyes and cleared my mind, slowly drifting... Hearing the crunch of frozen leaves, I broke my promise, and crouched low into a protective stance. My eyes furtively examining the closely packed forest, my wings folded against my back.

A few metres away, I saw him- a strange boy, his long hair fell over his eyes and his human clothing was black and pulled around him tightly, to block out the chill that hung in the sharp unforgiving air. He kicked through the leaves, his head hung low and hands shoved in is pockets. Not yet sure if he was an immediate threat, I froze, as he sensed my hushed breathing. Ducking low I knew he had saw me. "Hey," The word sounded like a question but I didn't answer.

I stood slowly, revealing my slim pixie-like body, mess of brunette hair and small, delicate wings. His eyes finally fell on me, as he turned in a full circle and he took a step forward. I observed the strange creature- he did not look dangerous, only curious, but I took a step back when he came too close.

"What are you?" He ceased his attack and held his hands up.

"You shouldn't be here," I hissed. I shouldn't be here. This was human territory, but it had been deserted for decades... "You need too leave." I tried to calculate my escape but I had no idea of what powers this strange boy possessed. Humans were not spoken off. They were parasites.

"I can't" I now noticed the purple marks that coloured the skin under his eye, as he lifted his head up to look me in the eye. "What are you?" I growled under my breath, frightened of what would happen if I went home. Terrified of what would happen if I didn't.

"Farie." I saw a glimmer of fear in his eye and relaxed.

"Liar," His voice wavered. He was no threat. I almost laughed, I was fine. My fear now replaced by curiosity, I stood like he did. Straightening my legs, my arms swinging by my sides and my chin held high. "You don't believe me?" I turned around to fully expose my wings. Even though had identified him as harmless, my heart skipped as he took a step towards me. Crunch. I resisted the urge to turn around and tested my trust in this boy.

I could feel his breath now, warm on the back of my neck- he couldn't have been more than a few centre metres away. My heart slowed to match his and I relaxed my shoulders. Already expecting it, I didn't flinch as his freezing hand reached out to trace the intricate patterns that laced my wings. "They can't be real," His voice, barely a whisper, amused me.

"Come," I walked stealthily through the undergrowth, my bare feet sinking into the frozen mud and treading nimbly over thorns.  The boy held no grace about him, but he was cautious and quiet, so the silence of the winter forest was undisrupted whilst we made our way over to the expanse of a beautiful lake.

Dipping my head under a branch  I left the protection of the trees and stepped onto softer soil, wet leaves clinging to my feet. The boy hurried after me- hitting his head on the low hanging branch I had avoided- I stifled a laugh. I took a step towards the freezing water. "You can't go in there, you'll die!" His voice was urgent and shocked. He was right- the water was cold enough to kill a human.

Ignoring his voice, I stepped onto the waters surface. At first my foot fell through the water, but before it was an inch under, the black liquid directly beneath my foot, took the form of a solid. I took several more steps. Not turning to see the boy. Just walking. When I got to the centre of the lake I halted. I was about ten metres from shore and when I turned, the boy was still there.

I watched him dip his toes in the water. As expected, the water stayed liquid and swallowed his foot hungrily. "Come back," He called across the distance. I shook my head. This was the idea. I could now run to the other side of the lake and disappear. He would be called mad, and I could find somewhere else to go. Somewhere else to hide. My father would never find me and nor would this boy. I wanted to be alone, I told my self.

I turned sadly. And silently said good bye, splash. I turned, surprised, but the boy was gone. No, wait, suddenly his long black hair appeared from under the water. What was he doing? He was going to catch a hypothermia. I furrowed my forehead in confusion and frustration. Kneeling on the water, I waited for him. Chattering and tinged blue he emerged from under the freezing blackness. "What are you doing" I hissed.

He stuttered and chattered, but he couldn't form a word. Realising how severely painful it was for him. I acted on instinct. Holding his head in my hands, I reached down and kissed his blue lips tenderly. His face became level with mine until my head was leaning back because of his height. I stood on the water and he stood with me. His colour restored. Wings fluttered on his back. Temporary wings.

He's face was shocked and he took a few shaky steps. "I- I- I can walk on water!" His face broke into a grin. He spun around exhilarated. The fun of walking on water and worn off eons ago for me but it brought a smile to my face to see him notice his wings for the first time and laugh and dance and sing. "This-" Lost for words He shook his shaggy hair- now dry- "It's unbelievable. Amazing,"

I laughed at him, forgetting my mo. "It's," He swooped down on me, one hand on my side, the other took my hand. Using his new found strength he lifted me up, and twirled round. I dropped with such force my feet must have submerged at least 5 inches but he was already lifting me higher now, droplets flying off my toes, my hair flying round my face. We were dancing. Instead of resisting, I spun out twirling, fell back into his arms, jumped, and spun around with precision and grace, gained from years of tradition.

With my face only inches from his, I could now decipher that his eyes were green. And in-between spinning, leaping and twirling I admired the depth in his eyes, The way they twinkled when he smiled. The silent forest around us seemed to come alive and I spiralled towards the waters edge liberated and laughing. Without warning I slowed down, and for the second time that hour, brought my lips to his. But this time, I prolonged it, without the threat of his imminent death looming over my head, I was free to watch his eyes flutter closed as I went on my tip toes to reach him. I was free to curl my hands around the back of his neck and enjoy the taste of peppermint and salt on my tongue. Curving my body against his, I whispered the words goodbye in his mind.

"Wha-" He was once again plunged into the freezing depths of the lake and I flew into the forest at the speed of light. Once hidden in the foliage, I peeked through the branches too see him for the last time. He had climbed out of the water and was sitting at the edge. "I will see you again" He whispered. Yes. I whispered into his mind. I then took off, leaving him to calculate my response.

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