Rough Diamond

He has ruined it all for her. Freindship, love... Why does he keep having to but in and make her life miserable? But, can he be good underneath? Can he break to her the truth about love?


1. The Newbee

Love. What a load of shit. People fooling about, thinking it can bring you true happiness when all it does is hurt you when you let go. Those stupid romance novels teach you nothing but lie about life. What everything is really all about. How strong and brave the heroes all ways are, how sappy, sad and sickly the heroines seem. There’s nothing true about it. Any of it.

I wipe away a mascara smudge on my cheek and sniff, heavily. I hate him. Everything that happened between us was just a stupid mistake. A mere malfunction. But still, the memories cling on. They tug at my pale, lifeless face all day long with out pause for breath. Pulling my expression into despair, every day more my eyes a little darker, redder from crying myself to sleep every night. Wasting away.

He started it. I met him at the beginning of year nine, the newbee. Jack. “Just look at him! He’s so hot, don’t you think, skye?” I peered at him over the top of my new maths book. She was right! Blonde hair formed itself in a swerve on his head, bottle green eyes were scanning the pages of his own textbook. Hot. I turned to Freya and giggled. “Sweet!” She gave a particularly snort like splutter and he turned around, looking over his shoulder. She grimaced, then fell into hysterics, covering her mouth. To distract him, I looked back over the top of my book and smiled, reassuringly. He frowned, then got the gist and turned away. I leaned back in and giggled again. “You utter numb skull! What was that for, showing me up like that!” But, she could tell I was messing about.

“Well, that doesn’t matter, because I’m having him, not you!” She laughed, prodding me in the side. Retaliating, I fought back, kicking her in the shins. She bent over, in a silent battle behind the desk, when… “Girls! What are you doing back there?!”

“Nothing, Sir!” We abruptly stopped what we’re doing.

Soon, the bell goes for lunch. “Skye Mitchell! You collect in the books.” I groan, “But sir…”

“No ‘buts’, Miss Mitchell! Unless, you want to spend at lunch time detention here, you can go ahead!” I sigh and walk over to Jack’s table to go about my task. Sliding a book across the wood surface, I'm in a daydream. Jack. He’s so cute with his smile and wide green eyes and I don’t realise until… “Argh.” A book drops on the floor by my feet. Bending down to get it, I feel a hand on mine. I look up, it’s Jack. “Sorry, shall I take that for you?” He looks at me and my heart skips a beat. A classic example. The hero and the heroine meet by a mere accident. A book dropped on the floor, they’re hand in hand for a second, when… he grins. “You are really pretty, you know.”

“Thank you!” There is a silence. Then, I laugh nervously. “Awquard!” He nods.

“Shall I take it then?”

“Oh yeah! Thanks.” Then, he walks away, leaving me speechless.


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