Rough Diamond

He has ruined it all for her. Freindship, love... Why does he keep having to but in and make her life miserable? But, can he be good underneath? Can he break to her the truth about love?


2. Felix

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking! I really fit guy walks up to me and says I’m pretty, great news. But, it wasn’t all that: “So,” Says, Freya at the end of Maths. “Chatting up, Jack are we now?” I sigh and roll my eyes. “It was the other the way around, actually.”

“Oh, really? You wish! He’s mine for sure, Skye Mitchell so you keep your little nose out!” She rubbed the end of it, defiantly. “No chance, Freya Smithy. That guy will ask me out by the end of today.” I laugh and stick my nose in the air, acting snobbish. “Yeah right, Skye! You have made some drastic claims, but that is by far the most drastic one you’ve made so far!”

“Who has?” Felix, drifted up behind us on an old, battered looking skateboard. Swerving precariously, he tripped but grinned all the same. “Getting better!” I huffed. “Yeah right…”

“Anyway,” He picked up his board. “Who is this Jack geezer you’re on about then?” Freya gave him at look. “None of your bloody business, Felix Stonaway!”

“Oh, is it now? Anyhow…” He squinted at me through his coffee brown eyes. I pull a face, back. He laughs. “I wouldn’t really say he’s your type.”

“You don’t even know who he is!” I say, outraged. “Well, she’s not getting him! I will, now bugger off and leave us alone.” He grinned again.

“See you around then, I guess.” He put his board back down on the ground, and put on one foot on it, winking at me then speeding off, wobbling slightly. Freya looked at me. “He so likes you, Skye.”

“Does not! Anyway, he’s a big dofus. Wouldn’t take him for a million quid!”

“Harsh!” She sniggered. “If you like him, why don’t you go out with him?” She stood in thought for a while. “Nah… not him.”



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