Bridgit Dena is a secret spy,she is sent to protect one direction because some haters are out to get them. She is a secret to the boys to find out this adventure!!!


2. meeting them

   I hopped out of the car excited but stressed out at the same time. I was wearing (polyvore Niallpatatoes-1). Not wanting to really be formal or preppy. I knocked on the door lightly. Liam opened the door peeking out looking here and there. "Bridgit" He asked. I nodded and looked down I was engulfed in a huge hug one I felt safe and happy in soon I hugged back. He stepped back and looked at me happy 'well lets get you to meet the boys there really nice and funny" He said smirking to himself ok then... As soon as we walked in I saw a confused and happy expression on Niall's face oh no why didn't I think this through wait why didn't my boss think this over before I left I mean I did tell him I was Niall's bestfriend right?!

     I just shrugged it off and looked at the other boys I saw Dani,Perri,and Eleanor sitting down and talking. And laughing at me!? Wow I don't feel very welcome I  just looked down but was interrupted by my so called brother. 'So Here-" he was cut off by beeping. I looked around holding the gun I had in my pocket close. He scrunched up his nose looking here and there. Then he saw it on the tv screen it read 'WARNING:TORNADOE WATCH STAY HOME FIND SHELTER SAFE PLEASE STAY SAFE!!!!' ugh it gave me a heart attack.

  "ok evryone find a storm buddie and find somewhere to hide" As soon as Liam said that my head shot up to look at Niall he nodded and grabbed my hand.

  We walked up a corridor of doors and many bathrooms. Wow this place is huge. A big clap of thubder and rain pounding on the roof made Niall jump I just laughed.

 "Yup it's you Bridgit" He said while in the process of turning to look at me. "Your not liam's sister bri whats going on?" He questioned

   Well I gotta tell him now or never.

"Niall im a secret Detective but you can't say anything its a secret like we used to have k?"

He stood there with a blank expression and nodded i laughed and pulled him into a hug. 

"I missed you Nialler" I said

"I missed you too Bri" he laughed but thunder and lightening interupted the moment!

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