My Warrior (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)*ON HOLD*

"I will fight anyone or anything just to keep you safe..."
Those were the words he said to me. And he kept those words. He protected me almost my whole life. Why would he protect me? Because of my name. My name is Bo Peep. Funny name right? Yeah i know. I'm bullied everyday because of that stupid name i have. He was there for me. He was the only friend i had. Ok, no. I had a few more friends, but he was the most important. And i love him. I always will. Because he is MY WARRIOR....


2. Welcome To Hell

"Bo! Wake the fuck up!" My horrid father yells. He's a drinker so yeah. He drinks day and night, every week, every day, every month, every year, every minute, every second. 

"10 more minutes!" I yell back. 

"Wake the hell up before i beat you to it!" 

"Im going!" I get up and curse under my breath. I step into the shower and turn on the fucking cold water. My fucking dad always turns off the hot water in the morning. He's such an ass. I stepped out and changed into my tights. I slipped on  a black t-shirt and an oversized hoodie over it. I tied up my high top black converse, grabbed my book bag and headed downstairs.

"Dad, im ready." I whisper. I'm scared of my dad....

"Well start fucking walking you little bitch" He snarls before sipping his beer. 

"Go fuck yourself" I say quietly, while opening the door. I started walking and kicking rocks. I hate my life! Why do i even live? I took out my pocket knife and admired it.  I sighed befor pressing it against my wrist and sliding it through. Blood trickled down. I took out my black hanker chief and wiped the blood. Yes i love the color black. Don't argue with me. I pulled down my sleeve and resumed to what i was doing. Oh, have i told you that my mom ran away with my english teacher, Mr. Duff? That happened 3 years ago. Thats when hell started......


A/N*: AHH! Hey guys! This was just a little filler to get you guys excited! I will be updating this hopefully tomorrow and i will also up date The Royal Payne tomorrow FOR SURE! That one is a promise! I know im really behind in my stories and i want them to get back up and running! My Zayn fan fic will be ON HOLD for a while. I want to do a little bit of changes to it. So i hope you guys enjoyed this mini chappie and i'll update tomorrow! Thanks guys!



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