My Warrior (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)*ON HOLD*

"I will fight anyone or anything just to keep you safe..."
Those were the words he said to me. And he kept those words. He protected me almost my whole life. Why would he protect me? Because of my name. My name is Bo Peep. Funny name right? Yeah i know. I'm bullied everyday because of that stupid name i have. He was there for me. He was the only friend i had. Ok, no. I had a few more friends, but he was the most important. And i love him. I always will. Because he is MY WARRIOR....


3. My Bully

I arrived to Doncaster high school. AKA hell. I walked to 1st period. Which is science. I hate science. Its like the worst subject ever! 


Great! 2nd bell rang! My grades are already down and i dont want to have to go to su- I fell back and my books spilled everywhere. "Well if it isnt little miss Bo Peep." The blonde girl chuckled. Her army of skanks following her steps. "You should get to class before i beat the shit out of you!" She scoffed. I quickly gathered my books and stood up. I looked down and moved my feet."freak!" Carla snorted. She's the blonde. Also my bully. She's been my bully since 1st grade.  She has her army of skanks that contains: 

2 brunettes: Lily and Rebecca

1Redhead: Courtney

And drumroll please!.... Another blonde named Shantel, which is Carla's sister. Shantel's nice but she just wants to fit in.  And the worst part is Carla's my neighbor. Plus she's popular and everyone worships her. Except for me. I hate the fuck out of her. She's also dating the popular football player, Broyce. She throws the best parties that im not invited to. People say she's not a virgin anymore. They say she lost it with Broyce at a Party. Figures. Well Broyce is beautiful. His brown perfect quiff. His toned abs and lucious cheek bones. He's like an angel that fell from heaven and broke his face! LOL! I think hes ugly but other girls are crazy for him. Anywhore, back to reality! I entered first period and took my seat in the back. "Late again, Miss Peep." My science teacher Mr.Misso says. The class roared with laughter. I rolled my eyes and pulled my hood up. The class quiets down and  Mr.Misso starts the lesson. Even  teachers torcher me. If only Louis was here. The rest of the period was boring as always. Oh yeah Louis! Let me sorta give you and introduction about him. Me and Louis are best friends. If i weren't a loser he would probably take away Broyce's spotlight. I swear. Louis is fucking gorgeous! As you can tell i have a huge crush on him. All of my friends know i like Louie. And by all of my friends i mean Niall, Liam, Grace, Zayn, Sofia, and Anne. Yeah i only have 7 friends including Louis. Sad, I know. By the way, Niall's with Grace, Zayn with Anne, and Liam with Sofia. Yeah they were meant to be. Like they have a lot in common with each other! It's creepy actually. So me and Louis are the only single ones. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Hehe.


I gathered my books and walked to my locker. I returned my science book inside and took out my history book. Time for 2nd period. "Any sign of Louis?" I dropped my book in shock. Of course, Grace. 

"What the hell Grace? You scared me!" I pick up my book.

"Oops?" She smiles.

"No Louis isnt here. Im actually gonna get beat up today. That hasnt happened since Louis started protecting me." I close my locker and start walking. 

"And that was in 2nd grade!" Grace laughs. "Thats also when i became your 2nd bff" 

"Yes that is very true" i say sarcastically.  Im telling you, this girl is crazy. I don't know how i put up with her.
"And then in 3rd grade we met the rest of the gang. And in 4th, well nothing really happened there. But in 5th me and Niall started dating. Wow, we've been together for a long ass time now." She stares into the hallway with her mouth parted. "And then in 6th grade, Liam asked out Sofia! Aww that was really cute how he kneeled down and gave her roses! Tots adorbs! And in 8th Zayn asked out Anne! That was cute too! How he wrote all over the paper 'Will you be mine?' and she had to circle the answer! And it was on Valentines day! And then in 9th-"
"Grace! Please! We have to get to class!" I cut her off. 
"Oh! Right!" We scattered into 2nd period and took our seats in the back. We wrote down our homework and the lesson got started. I slept halfway through the lesson, until Grace woke me up. "Bo! Wake up! Look!" She whispered. I looked up and saw Louis! AHH! Hes here! Oh my god! Im so grateful! He walked to the back of the class and sat next to me.
"Hey." He said quietly. "Sorry i came late. I overslept, A LOT!" I laughed. 
"It's ok. Just dont do it again." I smiled. 
"No promises. " I laughed and starred at him. He's so perfect. 

A/N* 2nd chapter! BAM! WHAT! Lol. I hope you guys like this chapter and remember to like/ fan/ favorite! Thank you my loves! Please give me feedback! <3


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