Im not worth it

My name is Maria-Lynn. I live in an orphanage. I go to homes live there for a little bit and if they like me they adopt me if they don`t they get money when they send me back. I have been to at least 79 homes in America. I have lived in California, Ireland, Paris, Italy, and more but now i know more languages. I am now getting sent to England which surprisingly i have never been. I got to the new house and it is huge i wonder who lives here.....


1. ME

Hi, My name is Maria-Lynn but people call me Maria.

I have brown hair, and brown eyes.

My mother died when i was about 6.

My dad left us on my 5th birthday.

I had one brother named Mike.

I dont know where he went.

I think a family in Italy adopted him and im happy for him

i am now 16 years old and i go to homes and adoption centers.

I dont have friends because i will just end up moving away from them.

I have to go BYE!

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