Im not worth it

My name is Maria-Lynn. I live in an orphanage. I go to homes live there for a little bit and if they like me they adopt me if they don`t they get money when they send me back. I have been to at least 79 homes in America. I have lived in California, Ireland, Paris, Italy, and more but now i know more languages. I am now getting sent to England which surprisingly i have never been. I got to the new house and it is huge i wonder who lives here.....


2. Going to london

Maria-Lynns Pov

MARIA GET DOWN TO THE MAIN OFFICE NOW PLEASE. THANK YOU. screamed Mrs.Slam the lady who runs this orphanage.

I walked down to the office to talk to her.

"good morning Mrs.Slam"  i said in a calm voice

"Good morning Maria" she said in a calm voice also

"so good news you are going to be going to live with a family of 5 boys in London for a while" she said calmly


"well go pack. The sooner you finish the sooner you get to London" she said

Mrs.Slam is my only friend because i always come back. she is in her mid 30`s. And she understands me i tell her everything that happens too me.

I ran up to my room and packed all my clothes and my phone and iPod my mom gave me when i was 6.


Maria im going to miss you. Mrs.Slam said

I am going to miss you to Mrs.Slam. I said back

But knowing me im not a likeable person i will probable be back in a month or 2. I added to my sentence.

Well then we will keep in touch til then even though you are a very loveable person. she said almost in tears

Why are you crying im not worth crying over. i added

Yes you are never say that. You are an awesome person you have my number right? she asked me.

I said Yes

We got up the long drive way we have been driving up for like 4 minutes and there sat a huge house.

Who lives here again? i asked

They said not to say they want to see if you know who they are first.

oh...ok..... i said even though i really just wanted to know who they are first.

When we got out of the car there was a huge gate that opened as soon as we got there.

well if you dont tell me who it is im just going to speak to them in french to freak them out. i said calmly.

"do it i will just stand there and laugh" she said laughing

when we where in front of the house there where 2 boys wrestling and 3 just sitting on the ground laughing.

if they ask me to wrestle with them they are going to lose i said laughing

we got out of the car and the 3 that weren't wrestling came over

Hi im Liam one said

Hi im Niall one said

And im the one and only Zayn

salut im maria-lynn Nice to meet you i said in french   They just looked at Mrs.Slam who was laughing her head off   est quelque chose de mal? which means is something wrong in french   they then looked at each other who called the other 2   LOUIS HARRY!!!!!!   the one named Zayn called they ran over like little girls   Hey im Harry the one said trying to be flirty but failed AND IM LOUIS!!!!  

c'est très agréable de vous rencontrer


HUN WHAT ARE YOU SAYING Louis screamed at me

well i was trying to introduce myself but i guess you guys dont understand i said im Maria-Lynn nice to meet you. i said while laughing

OOOHHHHHH You know french? Niall asked

no Dur Sherlock what was your first clue i said laughing

i went to the back of the car getting one medium sized back putting it over my shoulder and taking my flute and putting it in my bag and then taking my guitar and while holding it closing the trunk and walking over to Mrs.Slam and giving her a hug.


Zayn walked over to me

"is that all you have?" he asked

"yeah why" i asked

"normally girls have more clothes than that" he said

"This is  only filled part way my flutes in here to so sorry to disappoint you"

"well i guess we are all going to have to go shopping"

OKAY but you don't have to spend money on me i have my own

don't worry sweety we have a lot of money to spear

Louis walked over


I think i just heard we are going shopping he said

YUPPER Zayn said almost to happy

Then the rest of them walked over

Hey have you by any chance been mobbed before Liam asked

Not that i believe i said

are you a fast runner Harry asked

Yeah why i asked kinda weirded out

because when you are with famous people you get mobbed

whos famous i asked

we are. we are in a band called one direction Louis said


so shall we get ready Zayn said taking my bag

yeah i said

my flute was about to fall out of my bag so i knelt down and took it out and when i stood up niall took my guitar, Zayn took me flute, Harry took my bag, and liam just walked up to the door and held it open.

WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO CARRY! louis said then got weird look on his face

What are you doing i said as he started to come closer to

He picked me up bridle style and carried me into the house

Lâchez-moi! I screamed then he dropped me onto the couch

bon alors i said which means okay then


Okay i said and then he picked me up and brought me to my room which i guess is in the basement which is flippen awesome they let me get packed then we where off to the mall....





how is it so far? is it good? dont be afraid to post hate. i like help on what i should work on










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