Love. Harry Styles fanfic.


9. The Proposal

Harry's POV 


We got to the cabin and I got out. I opened up Sams door and helped her out. I positioned Sam so she was facing the cabin and gently took off her blindfold. Then I ran to the otherside of the cabin. I got out the ring box and waited.


Sams POV 



I got out of the car and Harry took off my blindfold. I saw the cabin and turned around to kiss Harry but he was gone. I was guessing he went inside so I did too. When I got inside I saw a rose petal trail and I followed it out side where Harry was kneeling inside of a rose petal heart with a ring. Will you marry me Sam? Was written in sticks. I gasped and tears ran down my face. Harry's smile dropped. I looked at him. "What's wrong? I love all of this." "I know I just....I love you so much....And I'm nervous kitty....very nervous....So.....Sam? Will you marry me?" I nodded through tears and ran to him. He got and picked me up. Then he spun me around. He put me down and looked at me with teary eyes. "I love you kitty..." "Oh I love you too Haz.." I said while crying with joy. He kissed me and dipped me while doing so. He lifted me up and let go. I looked at him with a smile. "Oh right..." He got the ring out of the box and carefully put it on my left hand finger. 



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