Love. Harry Styles fanfic.


8. The End Of Summer Question

Harry's POV 


-Lou I'm super nervous...

-Harry just ask her. You've gone on tons of dates before....

-But not to propose to her....

-True...Just do it..It's the end of summer!



"He-e-yy S-S-a-a-m" I nervously said as I walked up to her. She turned around and smiled. "Hey? You ok Haz?" I nodde. She rolled her eyes and continued to put on her makeup. "Youu dddont need that to be pretty...." She looked at me. "What's wrong? You've been acting weird all week?" "Uhh wwwill yyyouu ggo oonn aa ssuprise vaccaattion wwithhhh me?" She smiled. "Aww your nervous to ask me to go with you." She said. She came up and hugged me with a giggle. "I would love too." She giggled and walked out. She came back.  "Should I start packing?" I nodded with a smile. "Wear something pretty kitty.." She giggled and nodded. She ran back and kissed me. Then she walked away.

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