Love. Harry Styles fanfic.


5. That night

Harry's POV 

she dragged me to her room and closed the door. She then started to cry. I went over to her and hugged her. " that was your real brothers room wasn't it? Your not a lonely child? You miss him?" She held me tighter. She looked up at me and nodded. She then giggled. "Man would he hate you. He was so protective of me. He hated all of my guy friends."  I chuckled. "Ajhh forbidden love." I said then smirked. She shook her head. "Let's watch a movie on the couch. She dragged me down stairs to the living room. She grabbed a DVD and put it in. The DVD played a bunch of romance movies. We played a game. Whenever someone in the movie would kiss, so would we. But the last one was a makeout. Then we cuddle and made out some more. She was on my lap with her hands in my hair. One of my hands were on her waist and another was behind her neck. We let go and cuddle. She fell asleep and in did soon after. I woke up to her steaming. She wasn't next to me. I followed her scream to the bathroom where a piece of glass was in her hand. She was bleeding. "Harry slipped. Then the vase fell and a piece of it went into my hand. Help." I nodded and picked her up marriage style. I carried her out side and ran her to the emergency room. While still holding her I screamed at the front desk lady. "Help her please. She slipped on the wet floor in her bathroom and a vase crashed and broke. A piece of it went in her hand."  She nodded and called for a stretcher. Two men came out and put her on it. I didn't see the point though. She came out a few minutes later with stitches in her hand. She had pink guaz wrapping it. I ran over to yer and kissed her. "Thank you Hazzybear.." "I'd do anything for you kittyG." "Lets go home." I agreed and we went home.

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