Love. Harry Styles fanfic.


3. More flirty ness

Harry's POV 

Our kiss became more intense. I gently picked her up. Her legs were wrapped around my waist.

Her arms around my neck. I spun around and leaned her back against the wall. I looked at her with a questioning look. She nodded seriously. I could tell she wanted this. I put her down and she dragged me into her room. I picked her up again and gently set her on the bed. As we kissed, all of our cloths were torn off. Soon I was on top of her working on a hickey. "Harry," she moaned. "HARRY.." Then I stopped. "My turn.." She smirked and rolled on top of me. She gave me a hickey in the same place I gave hers. I rolled on top of her. "My turn again." I said kissing her. Slowly biting her bottom lip, I heard her moan. Then we just Madeout for an hour or two. I slowly made my way down to her chest. Kissing in between them. She moaned louder. "So you like that huh?" "No..I want more." She smiled. I smirked and nodded. I started kissing her lips, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I grabbed her boobs. I slowly massaged them. She let out a faint pain filled moan. "Had enough?" I asked hoping she said no. She shook her head and jerked our bodies together. She nibbled my ear making a small moan escape. I fet her smile as she grabbed my curly hair running her fingers through my hair, moving her body up and down as we kissed.  I stooped and looked at her, wondering if she wanted to go t


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