Love. Harry Styles fanfic.


1. Meeting him

Gynnx POV


I was walking down the street when I saw someone drop something. I picked it up and chased after the hooded figure. I tapped their shoulder. "Excuse me? You dropped this." He turned around. "Thanks miss uh.." "Gynnx. And your welcome mr. Uh...." I grabbed the I'd sticking out. "Styles! Styles? Styles!?! Hmm gimme your hand." He held it out and I put my number and twitter. I gave him a small hug and whispered in his ear, "call me. Or that's a big waste if ink."

"I should use that excuse.." He smiled. " STYLES!!" Now I realize that name. Now a bunch of girls were chasing him while I was dragging him to a cab. "DRIVE!!" I screamed. "Where to? Oh hey Gynnx. Home it is." Harry looked at me. "He's my Uncle Sam." He nodded. " you cannot stay at my place tonight. It's nicer then any hotel in this crappy beehive state." He smiled making me blush, making him laugh, making me giggle. He looked sweetly in my eyes so to ruin it, I went crossed eyed. He started laughing making me giggle, making him laugh even more. We pulled up to my place and he looked in awe. "It's bigger then mine!" "Make your self at home. My parents died and I got all the money." He frowned. "I'm so sorry..." I got a little teary. "Uh yeah. I'm Er I was an lonely child then I came home when day and their heads were on the floor. " I started balling. I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Harry with his arms out. I quickly hugged him and cried into his chest. "It hurts so bad Harry..." He kissed me! Just to calm me down for sure. I felt electricity and got goosebumps from my toes up. It turned a little passionate. We Madeout for like an hour. We pulled away and stood there in silence.

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