Loves me , loves me not !

When zayn loses a bet and has to date Rose for a whole three months!! he ends up falling for her ...or does he ...... meanwhile haley is in full persuasive mode convincing zayn to dump rose will zayn dump her or not???


4. shocker

                                                                *ROSE`S P.O.V*

Enrique and I were sitting outside on a bench when he asked me to tell him the rest of my story.

"ok...." I began ...

There was a party I told Enrique and of course all the popular people went, including Haley and Zayn. I am not quite sure what happened at the party but it changed my life and zayn`s. The next morning I saw Zayn and his mates pointing at me and discussing something. Zayn looked really pissed.Then he came over to me and said "will you go out with me?", whilst he said this he was not  even looking at me. I was shocked Maybe I had heard him wrong."what" I asked slowly. "I am not gonna repeat myself, u heard just fine now say yes or no, preferably no!" 

"yes"  I smirked, "were to".............


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