Loves me , loves me not !

When zayn loses a bet and has to date Rose for a whole three months!! he ends up falling for her ...or does he ...... meanwhile haley is in full persuasive mode convincing zayn to dump rose will zayn dump her or not???


10. Change of path

I had already tried transforming but that didn't work ! I had taken my mums words of wisdom the wrong way. Now I was becoming a wannabe I was turning into Haley ! I went Back to school as a new person , totally different but another copy of Haley. My first encounter with Zayn was great ! It felt great! He walked up to me and tried to apologise and I looked at him as if he had lost it , then I acted like I didn't know him because my target was to become Haley ! That's what she would do if she was in my place ! Not that she would ever be in my place . Haley would do that because it would hurt zayns feelings ! I knew her so well, she was like my celebrity role model , it was as if I had researched her ! Then I got my sweet revenge from Haley !   She stepped on my shoe and her whole group cracked up laughing ! So I did what she would do.  " uuuuummm excuse me !" I exclaimed in a Girly bitchy way !  " my shoe now looks like your face , because you stepped on it " I said this emphasising the your!  " only , that my shoe is way more expensive therefore the least I could ask for Is an apology !"  At this stage Haley had tears in her eyes ! When her "gang" started mocking her, she couldn't hold it and ran of crying ! Woooooaaahhh big achievement I thought . I carried on like this and what I didn't realise was that Zayn didn't like Haley but he hated her. After the whole scene were I ran of Haley and Zayn had a huge argument! Something along the lines of... Zayn feeling really guilty , Haley telling him to shut up because he did the right thing then Haley getting smacked for cussing me!  " you know what , Enrique " I have carried on like that and today I am in a great position. " " I don't think we belong together" Enrique replied . " after hearing all this , I know this sounds weird but I feel like zayn and you together make the perfect couple, I want you to get back together with zayn ."  I was so shocked I couldn't reply. Enrique got up and left me sitting there.
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