Loves me , loves me not !

When zayn loses a bet and has to date Rose for a whole three months!! he ends up falling for her ...or does he ...... meanwhile haley is in full persuasive mode convincing zayn to dump rose will zayn dump her or not???


6. Best day of my life

When I was with Zayn, all my self esteem came back to me. Today I was going to show him my new self and hopefully my life would change. Walking to the coffee shop down the road was the most hardest thing I had ever done, and when I finally got there Zayn wasn't there. He had obviously changed his mind , I was such an idiot I believed him and actually turned up.Tears started to well up in my eyes and just as I was about to leave I saw him.How could I not see him.He looked so fit, I think I just stood there because soon Zayn was in front of me.He wasn't saying anything, he just stood there staring at me ! Now this was getting awkward and I don't know how but all of a sudden I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the bus stop. Then he spoke up " what are you doing?" 

"we are not going to that crappy coffee shop!" " I am taking you to my favorite theme park!"

Zayn was so shocked he just nodded his head, then we hoped onto the bus.

After that everything was a dream come true .......We went on many rides, there is one I will never forget.

I took him too it, little did I know I would be scared to death!! We got on the ride and it started just fine in fact the beginning was brilliant.the it started to speed up and guess what? I started to scream and grabbed on to zayn, what I didn't notice was that I was literally hugging him and then my heart skipped a beat when zayn slowly turned his head to face me and gave me the kiss of life!

Zayn Malik kissed me.................

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